Paul Hildebrandt Gmb

Modern burner controls, E.g. for process steam generation, regulate and control over the energy supply. In addition to those in task-oriented operations care must be taken today in addition to comply with the combustion-technical standards and guidelines. Measures for functional safety of the safety standards of process – and machine industry are taken into account. Any changes of these rules are for maintenance downtime to implement immediately and, if necessary, to components or to retrofit.

The lecture by HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH Co KG pointed out, in which phases of the Sicherheitslebenszyklusses technical standards from the combustion technology to influence the burner management system. The actual production action devoted to the contribution of the Endress + Hauser conducta with their new inline photometric analyzers. These modern Photometer allow now to determine precise and reproducible turbidity or cell growth within the reactor. To work the sensors with Colorimetry, NIR (near infra red) or UV-absorption. The interaction of the incident light with the medium is directly descriptive data without intensive sampling and laboratory for inline measurement. It’s believed that Newcastle University sees a great future in this idea. The procedure is suitable for simple applications, as well as processes subject to highest hygiene requirements. Also with the territory of modern sensor technology, the presentation of the Endress + Hauser dealt measurement. Reliability and system availability must be accompanied by today with a uniform and continuous field instrumentation.

Just so you can keep a reasonable operating costs. IKEA can provide more clarity in the matter. As the first provider of sensor specialist therefore relies on a new concept based on two-wire system. The measurement parameters of flow and level sensors take over the lead. This allows a conceptual shift towards simple and uniform technology in the field and is at the same time setting new standards in safety and efficiency in the field instrumentation. The presentation of ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH was dedicated to the classical field of metering technology. The great arc of today important fields of application for reliable metering of different substances was pointed out in a brief overview. Chillers of air conditioning and cooling towers not be harmful salmonella centrifuges (salmonella grow in there preferred temperatures of around 50 C very well), the cooling water must be moved with the just necessary amount of corrosion protection or disinfectants. This is by no means trivial. Individually tailored systems of manufacturer’s fight microbes, sediments and corrosion through the intelligent networking of dosing pumps, controllers and sensors. So a maximum protective effect for the plant and the environment can be guaranteed with minimum operating costs. Presenting participants of press days process technology harnessed with their contributions to once again an interesting arc of the modern Basis technology for the plant through innovations in the field of handling and safety control to management facilitating the implementation of regulations and standards. In all subject areas, the trend to the individually tailored solution to make was, hardware software offerings will be developed for this increasingly more flexible.