Pearth Mint

Below, we want to enter on their opportunities and risks, and then more shed light on the in our opinion extremely attractive form of investment in forest. Gold gold has long been at the heart of the Interest. It is easy to carry, imperishable and available only in limited quantities. Due to its aesthetic values, it has conquered a special meaning this in almost all cultures for centuries. Considering the price of the gold price in the last 10 years, one notes that he greatly benefited from the “loose money politics ” of the major industrialized nations.

And attentive investors know that a such excessive money growth must eventually lead to the complete collapse. At such times, then other values as a medium of Exchange will be in demand. Already in the past, gold was used in the so-called “gold standard” as a basis for currencies. This function could return to him in the future. Expertenr advise therefore a certain percentage of assets (3 10%) to invest in gold. The physical gold is the paper gold in the form of certificates they are also leveraged to prefer. Paper is known only as secure as its editor. (Source: Larry Fine).

We advise how physical gold into bullion with special imprints for example, the Troy of the company Haereus or Pearth Mint. Gold has also special disadvantages. The rise in the prices of gold based solely on demand for the precious metal and the belief is that the metal in the future will be worth more than in the present. In contrast to stocks, it pays no dividend out and “does not work” so. It produces also no added value at the end of the year, it pays no interest, as is the case with bonds and generates no profits in the form of rent, as it is common in real estate. Gold is the first choice for the pessimistic investors and thus also in the focus of the Treasury.