Pedro Sanchez

Often we tend to confused power with nutrition, in fact it is very common to be supercharged and however badly nourished. We only have hunger for macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins), micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) do not produce us appetite, so it is difficult to detect a lack of these essential compounds to achieve homeostasis or optimal state of health. How it occurs and how expands? A healthy cell can become cancerous due to a mutation in the DNA of the nucleus. l Straus CareOne. Some cells, so to speak, are intended to be immortal, rather than die and be replaced by a new cell, refuse to do so and they age, losing its role as producer of life and energy, which, when they are many millions, affects our body and, if it is not stopped, it can produce a fatal organic collapse. The danger is not so much the formation of cancerous cells, as we have seen is a phenomenon that happens many times throughout our lives, as an extension of the same until vital organs through metastasis.

This occurs when the connective tissue surrounding the cancer cell is eroded by collagenase, an enzyme that destroys this protective tissue and allows the rebel cell escape from its location and spread via the bloodstream to colonize other organs. How can we act against him? Our body can fight a carcinogenic process, this account with formidable allies, among which one might highlight two: vitamin C (the Queen of vitamins) and lysine (an essential amino acid). None of these two principles are synthesized by our body, so they must be ingested through diet, and if it is necessary, through supplements. Vitamin C, which complies with a huge amount of functions essential for life, on the one hand has anticancer properties; clinical trials in mice show that it reduces to half the growth of tumors and even manages to stop the metastasis in some cases; by other lysine has the quality of neutralizing the collagenases, preventing that they destroy connective tissue and thus preventing the extension of the tumor. The combination of both compounds acting synergistically to prevent the spread of the mutated cells.