Platinum Sensor

For such scenarios is the HCT01 are ideal. + Elektronik manufactures smallest possible sensors using state of the art thin film technology, produced under clean room conditions. So even with the latest moisture sensor HCT01. Credit: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.-2011. Whose error of measurement for moisture is only 2% at a relative humidity of 30 to 70 percent. The temperature sensor is available in two versions, and provides most accurate readings as Platinum or molybdenum finish with up to 3000 ohm. With a working range from – 40 to 140 Celsius is tailored to the HCT01 specifically an industrial application. The DFN housing of the sensor can be solder itself with the standard reflow processes.

A protective film protects from external influences such as dust or salt the active sensor surface. Accurate data of the HCT01 offered the developers of + electronics in the humidity sensor data sheet on its Internet site. There a Preadjusted humidity sensor application can be found also note. It shows users how they the most effective and cost-effective way embed the sensor in their application. & d electronics + Electronics develops and manufactures sensors and transducers for the measurement of relative humidity, CO2 and air speed and flow, dew point and temperature.

The Austrian company headquartered in Engerwitzdorf bei Linz is a subsidiary of Dr. Johannes HEIDENHAIN GmbH. It was founded in 1979 and has more than 200 employees. + Elektronik maintains technical offices in Germany, France, Italy, China, and Korea. + sensors are manufactured in thin-film technology and are used, such as about automotive industry, HVAC, measuring and control technology, white goods, agriculture, process and environmental engineering and industrial process automation in many industries. Press contacts: + Elektronik Ges.m.b.