Ramon Gallegos

We can say, that if there are some meetings that leave by the conditions of the events it footprint, as of the holistic international education Congress, in which I could meet in person to human beings that are based in other countries and who have vision like mine, but not for this, I can put aside all the attentiondelivery and professionalism gave me my master teachers and which be them eternally grateful because they managed to mark with his experience, my life and the lives of my loved ones, because they made me a better person. The important thing in these two years, is that I, I could discover me really discovered me, knowing that I am a human being on which I have feelings, kindness, generosity, love, compassion and willingness to serve, that I can make a dialogue in adverse situations, I prosecute my loved to see the world from another perspective, which thankfully I have the fortune to have in my hands to learners beings where I can plant a seed so that in the future can be great person and professionally remove me ego than I am and provide unbiased my knowledge and support for all people that surrounds me. I personally not meditated, started meditation following my progress on the master, I must say that it is a practice which requires much concentration on one occasion we were in session with Dr. Ramon Gallegos and at the end of the meditation we ask each that as we were meditating, to which I replied that it is difficult to manage the mind because without wanting one as is going deep in the relaxing the mind begins to work and suddenly is already one enrolled in work and personal situations, I consider that I must work harder in that regard in the same way that others do not leave of Please try. That is why now I see more clearly that the ego, materially, authoritarianism lead us towards other realities nothing healthy for human beings. He be lucky to have received knowledge emanating from this master made me see things in a different way, a more full manner in all directions and that for more than work, if not dedicate the time to me and my family will not be happy in any field.