Realistic Representation Of Mouches Of Fad

Article “Images of the quarter” of the newsletter “Ganheitlich vision” by Floco Tausin. The section images of the quarter “to realistic, artistic or spiritual/religious representations from different cultures and times present. So far, so clear. Now, it seems to give representations of mouches volantes, where the look does not reveal whether we have to do it with a rather artistic or more realistic views of the MV. The context in which the image appears, only be instructive. The following image is one such. AG1 spoke with conviction. It illustrates an article titled mouches fad mosquitoes before the eyes “, on December 3, 2009 in the Austrian newspaper standard” has appeared. AG1 has firm opinions on the matter. Toothpaste of fad fact is that this image from the start off rather reminds me of a metaphorical relationship to the MV, than on a realistic.

What there will be sold us as MV looks more to me like toothpaste. Now, toothpaste for themselves is taken still no problem. It becomes a problem when it is in a place, where It does not belong. If she flies through the air, for example, as the image suggests, or spread over any blue area, rather than through the bristles of the toothbrush. MV, the image will tell us, are actually good things such as cells, blood, collagen hyaluronic acid structures etc, just unfortunately completely in the wrong place.

The Substanzhafte gives the shades of the white things on the screen also: we are dealing not only with a bit of fine dust in the eyes. No, this is real shit, big, fat, hard. And Let’s also not perfidious white fool us, we think only of the birds. You may want to start so only one with this Teufelszeugs, namely to wipe it out. Knowing that it the careers if not health even professional as the master would proper abruptly end. This picture is so great: the horror conveyed by it, could be delivered by any realistic representation so. All just fantasy? Well, seems that the accompanying text to this image “To have at least included in the possibility of the metaphorical: so similar to eye perceived floaters.” Picture: Prussian newspaper: (February 7, 2010) by Floco Tausin (structure-Verlag), Switzerland website: /