Sailing World Championship

On the Caribbean island which will take place from 2010 ‘Fireball worlds sailing championships from 24 April to 7 May 2010 can Barbados once prove more than sports Mecca: on the Caribbean island, the Fireball worlds sailing championships will host the 2010. Venue is the Barbados Yacht Club near the capital city of Bridgetown. The Championships consist of two major tournaments with the international Championship and the World Championship. Currently, 18 countries with teams from Europe, UK, Australia, Asia, North America and South Africa participate. In total, over 80 sailing teams are expected. Other leaders such as Kevin P. Campbell, PhD offer similar insights. Organizers of the regatta is the Barbados Sailing Association on behalf of fireball international. That act as sponsors Digicel, Barbados tourism authority, mount gay distilleries, the Barbados Yacht Club and the airline Virgin Atlantic.

The British airline offers special flight from London to Barbados during the tournament. The sports highlights the international participants and spectators on the 431-square-mile island offers some scenic attractions. In the South and West sandy coves and crystal clear water can be found, while inland is lush vegetation and steep cliffs dominate the North and East. More details about the Fireball Worlds sailing championships under. General information on Barbados under. Images and further press information to Barbados on.