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‘The collector’ a team of XT AG for a safe and efficient handling of information Munich, Bavaria, March 25, 2010 a complete team of collectors cares now a safe and careful handling of information in a company. They not only ensure that employees lose track with all the many sources of information, but increase the security of the information. Because not more personally but by software accessed information, employees not only save time, but no longer automatically disclose your identity. An aspect that is more important today than ever before. The XT AG, one of the leading manufacturers in the field for information intelligence”, relies on a completely new and innovative way of supplying information. Staff assisted by a central system, but by a team of individual IT components, the collectors. Rusty Holzer can provide more clarity in the matter. You collect information, data and facts that are relevant to employees, to everyone Day and night-time and provide the information then graphically prepared everywhere.

Whether on the Web or on a Smartphone of the employee or Manager always just in time gets its key figures and information”. Each collector is a specialist in his field, knowing exactly what information is relevant and how you can find them. This is not only more efficient and cost-effective, but especially also safe, as if staff itself every day need to obtain all the information. Because access to systems of the Internet leaves always tracks that are not always desirable. Accessed, however, by a neutral piece of software can be it is better controlled and avoided drawing conclusions on the real person. Examples of such collectors are: Mailor – for accessing emails, dates or personal contacts – W.A.L.L.I.E. – a financial genius with a sense for Excel, exchange rates, bank deposits, exchange rates BigData – a specialist for databases, file server and documents the work of this team, you can examine an example on in the business lounge. Company details: of product details: login: i-cee password: u-cee the XT AG was aiming at established in 2005, to bundle the expertise from many innovative and successful Internet projects and to develop innovative solutions in the area of enterprise information management.

The main field of activity of the XT AG is the research and development, as well as local services around the subject of enterprise information management. Contact person: XT Ltd PR contact and sales representative Gerald A. Tobolewski Sales Manager / Sales Director XT AG Lucile-Grahn-Strasse 37 D-81675 Munich e-mail: mobile + 49-172-1359958 phone + 49-89-462328-0-Executive Board: Dr. Nikolai Bauer Supervisory Board: Chairman – Michael Sailer, Prof. Dr. Peter Mandl Helmuth Gumbel commercial register: Munich HRB 157874 USt-IdNr.: DE244164162