Sea Travel

"Continental temperate zone" – the so-called climate of the Crimean peninsula: the relative humidity is low, ultraviolet light – not much and not too little, and the sunshine of the low cloud cover – only slightly less than in Central Asia. It is this climate is the most healthy and useful, especially for cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the European population. The climate in Crimea is not one – in the climatic regions of the Crimea for more than twenty. USC usually is spot on. At Thus each valley has its own, unique combination of climate – and then say that in the Crimea a few thousand climates. From this diversity, you can choose exactly what suits you best.

Southern coast of Crimea, which has a Mediterranean climate, often referred to as a small oasis of subtropical nature. The topography and vegetation of the South Coast – as in the Mediterranean, and the number of hazardous plants and animals is much less. From the farthest point from the coast of the peninsula to get to sea no more than an hour and a half. Increasingly, the happy owners of vacation choice for recreation is not noisy coast, but the silence of a lost in the mountain village, which then connected to the sea an excellent bus service. Do not just stay near the sea attracts Crimea.

The richness of the peninsula – scenic landscapes and fantastic caves, archaeological sites, beautiful palaces and ancient monasteries, unique museums. The most famous resort of Crimea – Yalta. Neighboring Alushta Yalta is not inferior in beauty of the landscape, Evpatoria Feodosia and famous wide sandy beaches, Sudak – Medieval fortress of Kerch – war memorials and archaeological sites, Azov – gentle warm sea … In Crimea you can see and endless steppes, and rocky mountains, feel the breath of sultry deserts and sweet bliss subtropics, to touch the eternal ice and plunge into the hot water springs …