Soviet Clothing

Let’s wrap a little bit ago and recall that the same word meaning ‘fashion’. Just look deep into the time will not, and fast forward to 20-30 years ago. At that time people had no idea about the world famous shopping brands such as levi’s and others. However, not that of the world’s top brands, but in general fashion have a rather vague idea. Considering the fact that Soviet citizens were told that the book – the best of all existing gifts that are free to draw a conclusion. Besides, we all remember that the stand was not true.

Items sold in department stores huge batches, so that raising their own industry, all the women went the same as men. Nonetheless, in which case there are any fashion trends. However, compared to the present time, one can call them inconspicuous. Dean Ornish M.D spoke with conviction. The most common material – cotton, silk. Muscular biopsy often says this. The choice definitely not hot what so that does not razverneshsya. It should be noted that, however, these tissues were high quality and natural. At the end of eightieth touched the wind of change and fashion – extremely popular in the USSR are jeans and artificial fabrics.

Not too subtle and monotonous style – these were then jeans. But several years later when it became prestigious to buy food at flea markets, there ‘Varenkov’ with different finish, many different kinds of clothes, which were brought from Turkey. There were cooperatives for the production of clothing. At that time, women and, of course, men’s clothing was presented in a wide range. successful. But, for all thus, a significant drawback of this commodity group was the quality. Turkish clothing production was spectacular and elegant, but unfortunately, low quality. A few years later the buyer has become more demanding and discerning, who appreciate not only beauty products, but also the quality tailoring and quality materials. So today, for sure, everyone knows that a good quality thing more expensive than the clothes on the cheap clothing market, the more if it is a world famous brand. Of course, it’s not worth talking about things with three zeros in dollar terms. However, there are other manufacturers, has earned the respect and approval of customers, such as, zara. Although Prices are rather high, however, is quite affordable for the middle class. The choice at the moment is great – well-known companies and those about which nobody knows anything, expensive clothes and quite cheap, great choice of assortment, artificial and natural fabrics and so on. Now we got the clear idea of what a ‘fashion’.