Spinal Diseases

What do you do? Of course, recover from a 'closure' in the back is impossible. But the best cure is known – is prevention. Is there any prevention of pain, 'lumbago' and other syndromes of diseases of the spine? Of course there is! Such prevention is name which in Arabic can be translated as: to touch, feel. We are talking about the massage. Massage combines several therapeutic actions. A simple mechanical action causes the hands of a masseur blood and lymph move faster, which helps speed up the process of metabolism and natural pain relief, warming and softening the muscles of the body, toning them; expels accumulated in the muscles of lactic acid, which can also be cause pain, squeezing out the subcutaneous fat layer active ingredients to nourish the tissues and muscles.

Neuro-reflex action causes a complex response of the brain to mechanical stress, forcing the body to produce useful and necessary substances such as adrenaline, acetylcholine, histamine, endorphins (hormone of happiness), and others. The effect of the massage can be felt immediately after the first session. The pain goes on replaced by the feeling of warmth, a sense of lightness and relaxation. Of course, under certain conditions for a tangible result may require a course of several sessions of massage. However, the only positive will definitely result (except for various allergic skin reactions, in which massage is not shown). Periodicity massages plays a key role in the prevention of diseases of the spine.

In all agree to make regular. It is regular massage keeps paravertebral area in tone and blood circulation is normal. So, if you feel a sharp pain in the spine (neck, lower back), feel free to contact services masseur. After all this time-tested and proven therapy needinazhdy certainly has benefits and health! Sometimes we deny ourselves in this beneficial therapy because of laziness unit, distance from the massage room home or the price the session. In such cases, of particular importance in providing the massage is massage at home. If you are interested in service massage at home, please call me for advice and ordering masszha at home!