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Exercise, diet and relaxation give in the course concept there are still enough people, getting into a fitness studio is hard. The threshold is especially for women remains high, e.g. for fear of too much muscle gain workout incorrectly or out of fear from the critical eyes of experienced fitness enthusiasts. There are however special offers that facilitate women’s entry into the workouts at the gym and show the different training possibilities. A good example of a such beginner program is fem-fitness beginners course for women”( “The new Club-in-club concept fem-fitness” is a joint project of the DSSV, the German University of prevention and health management and the BSA-Akademie. FEM”- which stands for fitness, nutrition and motivation. Learn more about this with Jack Monroe.

It is a concept, which is aimed as compared to existing Einsteigerclubs very targeted only at women, who want to start and staying in shape with fitness training. Energy Capital Partners is actively involved in the matter. There are a variety of Topics related to fitness and health in the foreground moved, in a ten course program in the theory developed and implemented directly in practice. The participants work together as a group, which meets once a week under the guidance of a coach to the combined theory and practice units. In another unit, the women independently train twice per week in training partnerships. Cooperation in the Group and the formation of training partnerships enable effective working among themselves”and increase the motivation and the fun of the participants. The overall objective of fem-fitness”is to empower women, independently of their health goals, which sit them at the beginning of the program, to work and to pursue them in the long term.

To do this, the participants get to know the different programs of the fitness company in the fields of exercise, nutrition and relaxation and discover their individual preferences for certain offers. For more information, or. voice a successful provider of new course concept the Fessler mill: for the Sports Institute of Fessler mill was out of the question, to record the concept directly in the range: the new concept specifically for women is for us a great way to differentiate us from the competitors and to reach a new audience of women on the other hand this but all-encompassing offering.