The Beautiful Face Of The Hip Hop

Hip hop lifestyle – music and modelling as the modeling agency hip hop models Berlin in November Wera Iwanischin participation to the Bravo hip hop babe election 2008 discovered no one knew at that time that this 2007 was Playboy Playmate of the year to. Hip hop models Berlin supported Wera at the Bravo action which had its first run last year. Without hesitation Professor Roy Taylor explained all about the problem. Early 2009 the final outcome, it was clear that first and foremost the Bravo was determined by readers via online voting. The successful winner of this action was Wera Iwanischin by the modeling agency hip hop models Berlin. A coincidence? No! I refer to this as a pre-programmed victory, the competition of the participants for the year 2008 was great, well-known names like Fiona Erdmann which finished fourth in the second season of Germany BBs next top model were. Germany’s first hip hop model agency has a model hop Babe of the year participating choice to the hip at the Bravo, and these WINS. A pre-programmed victory. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. Bravo pointed out in the evidence Magazine: “due to the prominence of Fiona’s you had this election taken out.” But is a Playmate of less prominent? Behind hip hop models Berlin a strong marketing concept, which allows the Agency to establish themselves. In the television report from TV Berlin via the Agency, one catches a glimpse into the way of thinking of the people in and around HHMB. Hip Hopper see the possibility of finding models or actresses that truly reflect their music in the videos in the Agency. Not for nothing called hip hop models Berlin also “real life agency”. An Istitution that is closer to real life than many agencies in Germany. To further illustrate the connection of the fashion world and the hip hop rap hip will be hop models Berlin host of a sampler, which will carry the title of “hip hop models rap meets part 1” where various Berlin rap artists their Rapskillz (RAP talent) and the connection to hip hop models are present. Also, HHMB plans to give a model casting in Berlin to discover other talents, which have also skillz as dance and sing as well as her beauty. The flagship model in this case is Isabell Garcia who with to the had accompanied DJ Tomekk dome and performed with him – jump jump. Hip hop models Berlin is a recipe for success, and the victory of Weras strengthened the Agency during her career. Hip hop models Berlin refers to as “Different than the rest”. As I once was, with the Managing Director, said this to me: “hip hop a separate branch that knows no rules or trendy model types is modelling. We make the rules, we decide decide who fits visually to us and who is not. We go our own way than real life Agency. “