The Patient

Here, the scars correction in the frame of a beauty OP can help. The surgeon will always try to correct that in addition to an improved function of the skin area is also an aesthetic improvement the scar. Basically, natural aesthetics is the continuous theme of cosmetic surgery, and so also the breast correction not least belongs in addition to liposuction, eyelid surgery and scar correction to the main areas Aesthetic surgery. Breast augmentation for body sense and emotional well-being had to be whether the female breasts inherently has gotten too small, have changed after pregnancy or weight loss, or surgically removed: always dissatisfaction affects own chest on the psyche of the affected women. Here, the magnification can help breast to create new body feeling and hence a new quality of life. The breast augmentation is performed by using silicone cushion. These are filled with either silicone gel or saline solution and have a smooth or textured surface.

Also, a distinction is made for round or drop-like implants. Which implant is chosen for the breast surgery depends on the wishes of the patient and their physical conditions. In the actual surgery Finally, the implant of choice is spent through an inconspicuous incision under the breast, in the area of the nipple or the armpit in the chest. Type of the skin incision and The doctor will discuss advance with the patient size, position and shape of the implant. Target of breast augmentation is a most natural and aesthetic result. To avoid slippage of the implants, the patient wears a special bra after the operation for about eight to twelve weeks. Help to large breasts: breast reduction so as the small breast affects body and psyche, so can also bust too much welfare tarnish.

Large breasts have tangible physical effects but, because the weight of the breasts can lead to pain in the back, neck, and shoulder area. In the long run can cause this serious damage of the entire holding system. Again, medical help is not only possible but even strongly advised. Medium the breast reduction is called the election also reduction Mammaplasty. At breast reduction, the amount of breast tissue is reduced to a reasonable level and brought in a new form. Also the Breast skin will be adjusted. The nipple is harmoniously positioned. The surgery can be performed as a pure breast lift (Mastopexy) or combined with a breast implant. This breast surgery is possible at any age in adult females. Most important, however, is that the patient at the time of breast growth the OP has already been completed. Possible complications of breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery include bleeding, haemorrhage, infection and wound healing disorders, also circulation and temporary sensitivity disorders of the breast.