The Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse – one of the most amazing and spectacular natural phenomena that people can watch in your life. And if the ancient people had a superstitious horror in broad daylight when night came, and equated eclipse by the end of the world, then, subsequently, to examine the nature of this phenomenon are the possibilities to observe the solar eclipse as a happy occasion, not so much of it falling in your life. But until now, many nations are still alive all sorts of superstitions negative. Basically it fears blindness, in addition, some people have believed that during the eclipse to hide edible products in a dark enclosed space, because they may be corrupted. Many also believe that after the eclipse should definitely take a bath or shower to cleanse itself of its negative impact.

However, some people still perceive as an eclipse phenomenon wonderful and positive. So in South Korea and China believed that babies born at the time of solar eclipse, life will very successfully. And there are even special tours for women with high gestational Areas of eclipses. But among those who are not exposed to all kinds of superstition, there is hardly a man utterly indifferent to the opportunity to observe this rare phenomenon. It's really amazing – the moon is 400 times closer to the earth than the sun and thus about 400 times smaller than the sun. Details can be found by clicking Who is Energy Capital Partners? or emailing the administrator. Whether it is a little further or a little less on our planet would be impossible to see such a colorful and mysterious action.