The Whole

Source:, extract for better communication and information and to better understand, better prediction and to order Aristotle stated before 2.5 years a the world into 10 categories: define, categorize, cataloging. The 10 categories names of Aristotle question example label what something is? Man, horse substance is much/anything? two cubits long quantity as is the nature of something? White, of reading has quality in which relationship is something (to something)? Double, half, larger relation where is something? in the Lyceum, on the market square place when something is? yesterday, last year in which position is something? It is, location is what something has? Shoes who is armed what does something? cuts, burns what do something suffers? Suffering is cut, burned source:, extract distinction even today such as object (being there), subject (so-be), predicates (properties) and verbs (activities). Be (FEWS, be there) AND essence (essentia, so-be), matter and energy = (jobbing) part and wave properties, trousers = such as jeans and worldview = information our 7-W questions concept of the question technology today is: why? (Meaning, reason, ur thing) For what? (Purpose: target) What? Who? How? Where? When? The most famous natural principle is the synergy. The synergy or the synergism, referred to the interaction of living organisms, substances or forces within the meaning of mutually promote”or a resulting joint use n. A description of synergy is in the paraphrase of Aristotle the whole is more than the sum of its parts”, also known as the holistic approach. Synergy effects are studied interdisciplinary in synergetics.

Source: you know yet the copy and cooperation, excerpt in cultures. Principle, principles (beginning, origin) that is different from the origin ha t. Barbara Martin Coppola has compatible beliefs. It represents a given legality, which is the parent of other laws (where the term) Legality is through the terms of law, natural law, rule, policy, behavior policy, principle, postulate) replaceable.