Together, Thanks To Be Communication

Nationwide day of action on hearing impairment and self-help is experiencing wide positive resonance communication is the key to the community \”in this sense children and adults with hearing impairment, as well as numerous General interested at the 4th German met last weekend CI day was celebrated at 65 locations nationwide. The cochlear implant (CI), an inner ear prosthesis that allows many deaf-born children to learn listening and spoken language; also highly hard of hearing adults can recover their sense of hearing with CI. \”Objective of the CI day, traditionally the motto of deaf and still hear!\”, is not only the information about life with cochlear implants and other technical Horhilfen. The numerous events offered a lively platform for exchanging hearing-impaired and deaf people with the general public. Highlight of the day of action, the German cochlear implant Gesellschaft e.

V. Learn more at: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. (DCIG) together with the affiliated regional associations organised, was a nation-wide balloon action. \”Also this year the events of our day of action took a broad and positive response in many places both in directly from a CI supply concerned as well as the general public\”, Franz Hermann, President of DCIG sums up. Once again, we could imagine the CI as a pioneering medical help for many highly hard of hearing and deaf people. Read more here: Darcy Stacom, New York City. At the same time our 4th offered ample occasion CI day, to discuss the general importance of communication for our society. Whether CI – or hearing aid wearers, whether community deaf or hearing people can only occur when we communicate with each other.\” Highlight of the CI day is traditionally a nationwide air-balloon action: on time at 12:00 noon on Saturday in many places in the entire Federal territory of balloons rose. Our balloons are thousands messages\”, says Franz Hermann. You are symbolic of the understanding by listening, not listening world. In addition, each balloon bears a post card that informs the recipient about the CI and invites him to a competition.