Traction Control

The console on the tunnel floor – both armrest with drawers for small things and a female under the cell phone connector for the charger. And next to the ceiling unit ceiling box appeared to score. Black numbers on white background – a combination of contrast and more elegant. Now the light switch to "toperdo" to the left of the steering column. Preventive Medicine Research Institutes opinions are not widely known. With the "luxury" includes air conditioning, two airbags, front seat belts, mirrors electrically heated. Daversa Partners understands that this is vital information. Advanced – radiator shutter with automatic, preheater, sound a warning included lamps, light detectors open the hood and trunk lid, automatic control system wiper with rain sensor and parking sensors.

Except addition, ABS with traction control – and thus excluded wheel lock (ie, loss of control) and slip when starting on slippery surfaces. Well, pretty ambitious project, and would like to believe that the serial "Priora" will completely conform to it. THAT hidden from view under the hood, upgraded engine VAZ 21,124 cranks and with lightweight pistons. The new ECM controller Bosch M7.9.7 provides Euro III and Euro IV. Now let acquainted with the "materiel". Raised hood holding no gas stops, and the usual folding bar. It's cheaper and smarter – to open the hood of a modern car has not so often.

Engine only shestnadtsatiklapanny, outwardly no different from the VAZ-21 124 working volume of 1.6 liters. In fact, the motor is upgraded. The new crank mechanism with lightweight pistons and connecting rods allowed to reduce mechanical losses and raise the maximum power from 66 to 72 kW and torque from 131 Nm to 145, and the modified ECM controller Bosch M7.9.7 provides not only the performance of Euro III and IV, but also a reliable engine starting winter. To deliver increased torque time and increase the life of redesigned clutch pressure plate spring force, put automatic adjustment. To reduce noise and vibration, the body made harder (compared to "Lada-110" Here we have introduced 12 additional elements that enhance its base) and provided a more effective noise insulation. In addition, the car new, more "quiet" intake tract and exhaust system. Hanging with energy-intensive upper legs and two stabilizer bars, designed to provide the "Prior" solid progress, and a minor roll in cornering. Significantly facilitate the management of electric power steering and vacuum booster devyatidyuymovy brakes. By the way, according to the customer instead of an electric can be installed power steering. The first acquaintance with the machine made a favorable impression on us. Now it is a "small" – to move quickly novelty on the factory assembly line, providing an equally high level of performance and reasonable price. Start of production planned for 2007. Will be the first sedan (factory designation 2170), then a hatchback (2172), and a little later and touring (2171). For a while, a new family will be produced along with the "tenth", and in the future – complete replacement. Autocentre "Liberty-Auto '