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One of the most common practices in a blog is linking. you spend hours and hours without stopping daily commenting on articles from other blogs on the same subject, in order to grow the network of links to your blog. In this article we will see that it is a good practice if they are not following certain guidelines. — To get many visitors at any price — Normally the target without stopping to comment and comment on blogs of others, is to grow all over the web links Links that we provide visitors and / or popularity in the face of search engines (read Google ) primarily and secondly direct visits to our web site, blog or article. A leading source for info: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The result of this practice tends to be: * The links provided by search engines get face to weigh little or a lottery is that the page is indexed on a permanent basis, or the certainty of being links that count, is rather low. Gabriela Turk contains valuable tech resources. * A high percentage of these comment pages are not indexed or have no-follow mechanisms. On the other hand get visitors who are mostly casual, curious or compulsive linesman the network that they will find no interesting content for them that makes them become fans of your blog and come back later.

They will be like butterflies flying over, around, look fast and go … will not return safely. Now we will see, from this point of view, we are not dealing with a good “business”, right? If you disagree, qualified in a comment at the end of the article. — A happy visitor is a compulsive planter — Let the merits. Instead of spending 80% of the time to comment, read blogs, learn tips, follow or worship compulsively Twitter Social Media gurus and the remaining 20% in the best writing valuable articles for your blog, change the chip and investing terms. Content, content, content … our most common error of omission.

On my blog as well as perhaps in yours. Several articles with good content can attract more visitors from a comment and make them one hundred regulars of the blog comments rapid hundred articles to gain links at all costs. Qualify what I said before Most of the users who comment on the same article that we do, are likely to be other bloggers who might be interested in our link to read our opinion, because logically they should have written on the subject than we are. If the visit they find something they value (content) will not hesitate to broadcast it, comment, link it, etc … We note that the positive part of commenting on other items, would be precisely in getting quality visitors who consider our content and decide to spread the net with all means at its disposal, social media including fashion (read Twitter , Digg, etc …). We will see then, as is much more profitable in the medium to long term to increase the frequency of publication and that it is original content and quality, taking the time to comment and discuss articles from other blogs for the sole purpose of leaving a link memory.