Vaccination And Kids

On one issue such as vaccination would be cleared up, if I may say so, but what about the second? We were advised to apply at the end of June, the number in the twenties … So, we are in the office waiting for vaccinations … Literally few minutes after our stay in office, he rushes at great speed physician retirement age and that there are forces shouts – No person shall make a polio … Leave my! I'm all telephone calls! Can imagine my state? I was speechless by what he heard … I was terrified of strong words – Nobody Do … Fear has big eyes, as it usually is. A little breath, I realized that the hospital is a vaccine polio, and it is from another doctor at the same hospital. Daversa Partners often addresses the matter in his writings. After talking with the nurse and showing the direction of temperamental doctor found out that you can do two vaccinations and not wait until the end of June.

While I was in loss of health workers is happening one after another, rejoicing, telling me that my daughter us lucky enough that the parents themselves have purchased the vaccine for their children, and we're just in time in the right place! I am very long time to understand what's really going on … Until then brought free health care? Why get vaccinated by their own parents? The last words of a nurse killed me completely! If you pick up our medical records and making a record of immunizations received, the nurse said wryly that the vaccine PDA (measles, mumps, rubella), it does not shine! Because they do not receive the vaccine, and buy her parents will not – very expensive! The vaccine is sold in the amount of ten doses and costs about $ 130 … As you are such a situation? Miracles, and more! I do not know how to comment on such a mess … to survive, as you can or want! That's not all shocks associated with vaccination …. When I brought in a kindergarten certificate with the seal of the vaccinated, the doctor kindergarten could not read what is written there, it just does not know how to write vaccinations! Me reprimanded, as a schoolgirl because I did not control the action of medical staff at Children's Hospital! In front of me waving a certificate and asked – What immunizations do you? And why not write what vaccinations we received! On a young nurse came to the rescue of the kindergarten, which has taken our help and read all about getting the vaccination. She reassured me, saying that everything is in order and that it was necessary to go directly to help her with that … That's draw your own conclusions – the nurse pediatrician smarter! DOZHILIS! What happens next?