Warren Buffett

We also often the opposite. Not speak is that instead of lunch at McDonalds and Other cafe is not very useful to the health food you can take care of the more useful a dinner of fruit, vegetables, etc. Alternatively, you can somehow try to get to work on the metro and save money, and most importantly time and nerves, which so much is spent in traffic jams. Instead of buying magazines, newspapers or books you can read their electronic versions on the Internet. So maybe even save your time and read more useful and interesting information. Ahead of inflation ahead of inflation is very simple, if in advance to buy goods and services. By purchasing just something in bulk you can save money and time.

If you buy travel on the subway once a year, saving just 50% of the cost fare than if you buy every month unlimited travel. And if you buy 2 months before the new year, saving more and the future increase in fares of 15%. Many products can be purchased in bulk in large hypermarkets and shopping malls once a month or week. Wholesale prices are cheaper, you can get ahead of price increases, and buy products will be less and less. Club cards at the fitness center for a year subscription of magazines and newspapers, the Internet payment immediately for half a year, insurance for long periods of time and many others.

others will also save money ahead of inflation and getting rid of constant procrastination. Always take into account the inflation rates for rental housing are growing at 15-30% per year. Comparing the purchase of an apartment in the mortgage with rental housing, it is worth considering general inflation and price rise rental apartments. This is often overlooked, yet it is these factors can be decisive. Yes, and his own apartment complex to compare with life in stranger, from which can drive at any time. To purchase equipment often take loans, which could substantially empty your wallet. And when you consider that within a year the cost of these goods will fall and for the same Money can buy equipment with the best parameters, it can be really worth to postpone the purchase. After all, nothing bad will happen if you are a little more you use the old model of technology. You can find more many other ways and methods to combat inflation and to optimize their expenditure, which will allow you to pay less and get more. The main thing that you find a better use and were able to free up the resources significantly improve their quality of life in the future! “Inflation does not notice someone who either did not spend, they earn substantially more than he can spend.” And you can earn not only their labor, but also to invest in the right assets.