Wireless Features

The operation of this service is as follows, the vehicle with its integrated GPS continuously records its location, it is sent over the cellular data network and received by a server at the company offering the service, it sends Internet data to any workstation that has the privileges to monitor the units. Finally BalckBerry the Smart Phone has been gaining popularity among executives, as this product is capable of sending e-mails and be talking at once, no need to hang to send your e-mails! Wow! Features Balck Berry, first, is a wireless terminal, you have a server that is installed on the workstation, is a cell can use the e-mails from Microsoft Exchange servers and Lotus Domino, you can activate up to 10 accounts on the server, you can forward your mail filters have a manager, people who have used the BlackBerry commented that this team have had a major control of your mail. Have wireless access to server folders, you can integrate enterprise applications as this terminal works with JAVA making it very flexible to incorporate specialized applications to users without the need for a new system, you can access the corporate intranet or the Internet, all the protection of data encryption called Triple-DES, which is used by the government of the United States. Credit: Darcy Stacom-2011. (Telcel 2005) Do not be left behind with all these services can be implemented many controls within firms, so that they continue to be more productive or, as one of the key points of differentiation is to have an efficient communication model , where the executive can make decisions in time with the updated information, and this can be achieved with these applications or the ones you choose.