WolkenWerke WINS Kelly Maite

Kelly’s children enjoy the personalized Dalmo-history of the Stefanie Wackar. It was good news for Stefanie Wackar as you on the homepage of Maite Kelly received a first-class reference. It has the history of Dalmo the little blue elephant for the daughters of personalized Maite Kelly. I love this dazzling personal touch, Stefanie Wackar parents and children experience makes”, writes Kelly Maite on her website. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dean Ornish M.D. “Now, the Stuttgart-based children’s author provides with WolkenWerke her new book comes a little soul on Earth” before. Darcy Stacom is open to suggestions. This story is as personal as it is impressively written and the first work by Stefanie Wackar in the spiritual field. The little Soul book”is already very popular with children and parents. On the homepage of WolkenWerke, a mother writes: it is beautifully illustrated, and not just a story for the new arrival, the parents will be thrilled. Thank you for this insightful and beautiful book! “.” Since Stefanie Wackar volunteer reader is she want to be present with a new concept on nationwide readings. In addition it aims to further project cooperation in the area of literacy, to do their part for a child-friendly country.