Wooden Furniture

Shashel, furniture or grinder – a dangerous pest of the mass of wood and wooden buildings. This small beetle is 3-4 mm long, oblong with a dull brown, covered with silky hairs body. For the ability to produce sound like the ticking clock, popularly called "the watchmaker." This sound is heard from the wood, when my breast shield beetle hits on the wall of the proedennogo, calling a female to mate. Without hesitation Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. explained all about the problem. As in the open air and in indoor beetles colonize wood 4 to 5 years old and older, preferring to sapwood heartwood part of it. The first adults appear in Nature in March and April, and their mass flight is in May-June, there are single skater to fall. disturbed, they become immobile, for a time freeze. Fertilized females lay up to 40 eggs in flight holes progryzennye beetles after wintering at the exit from the pupa, or a rough glubokiescheli timber. Stage of development of eggs – from two to three weeks.

Live adult larva (length up to 4 mm, white, covered with yellowish hairs) immediately after hatching cutting into the wood. Protachivaya the fibers longitudinal passages, she densely scored their droppings, mixed with small bits of wood. Before pupation the larva moves to wash the wood surface, leaving not only a thin protective progryzennym (about 1 mm) layer, from which immediately same suits again deepened and pupal "crib." The pupal stage lasts about two weeks, the adult beetle lives up to one month, and the full life cycle usually takes a year, though it depends on the temperature and can vary – from 6 months to 2 years. Females lay eggs on non-lacquered or painted door frames, window sills, not plastered ceilings, beams, baseboards, etc. Among the furniture beetle often turns into a board floor, piles, beams. Of conifers species like spruce and pine, and of deciduous – linden, maple, birch, olhu.V as a prophylactic against the grinder can be used 3-percent. solution of sodium fluoride, or mixture dezinsektal the following composition (weight part): -100 turpentine, beeswax and paraffin – 5, carbolic acid – 3.

They need to thoroughly clean all parts of unpainted furniture, atakzhe her legs. Putty holes for flight prepare a special mixture (parts by weight): -15 rosin, sawdust – 5, Denatured alcohol – 30, creolin – 3 and gypsum – 25.Uchastki heavily damaged Shashel, should be treated (subject to safety regulations) solution of fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate (3 percent). Or in the BHC light oils, and then lacquered. Nevertheless, to avoid eating Shashel furniture must be processed by means of its special Shashel. A good effect is the heat treatment of damaged wood products -Warmed to a temperature of 65-70 in the dryer or electric high frequency.