Andrey Kovalev

Moreover, in their monologues and jokes Andrei Kovalev makes us look differently at his life and actions. He's like experienced psychologist reveals our hidden wounds, causing not only think about them, but to discuss them out loud and openly. Moe Howard may not feel the same. Andrey Kovalev teaches listeners and viewers to laugh at his own shortcomings and imperfections. How does he do it? After the premiere we had a talk with Andrew about this and much more … – Andrew, where do you get ideas for writing your scripts? – Yes, everywhere …

watching life. – You dreamed of since childhood become a humorist? – No, in school, I was not a humorist and a wit. Your choice I made at a later age. – You studied in Moscow and worked in his specialty in this town? – Yes, I worked in Moskontsert and performed with on tour in different Russian cities. – How did the transfer of "tricks of life"? – It all started with a humorous program "looking at the city" to "dunes." Then I have engendered some vague ideas about a new transfer, but I could not their precise formulation.

Then Olga Kotovskaya invited to make their program, and so was born "Sleight of life." – Humorous transfer in a moment at an end, or it may be interesting for the viewer forever? – I think all depends on the authors' TV shows. If you follow the trends, and so, in what direction the tastes of viewers, the channel can exist permanently. – On Russian television, over 50% of television – the comic character. What are they like so much the audience? – The lower the level of our lives, the more programs like the direction that people go to bed, as it were happy, they need to distract. There are neigh. – Whom do you consider peers? Who close your humor? – Michael Zhvanetsky, in my opinion, he is still in opposition. Despite the fact that his emergence as a humorist was held in a completely different era. – You serious man? – Yes, in everyday life, I always I try to stay calm and seriousness. – Do you agree with the expression: "Humor is the wisdom?" – In the words of Munchausen: "A serious person – not a sign of intelligence, gentlemen. All stupidity on earth are done with this expression. Smile, gentlemen, smile! "