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Theater Tickets

I looked at the calendar – Friday. Tomorrow begins the long-awaited weekend! Where to go? How to spend your weekend? Can go with friends at the club? Or to the cinema to see the next blockbuster? Or invite your favorite girl in the theater? Theatre – it's a great idea to spend time culturally. To […]


Meet the inspiration of man has always been characteristic of the desire for beauty. This desire has led me in a studio Lilia Stepanova. From the street, building the studio did not attract my attention, and only a bright sign that distinguishes it from others. But going inside, my opinion has changed. The whole workshop […]

William Shakespeare

Incidentally, the last line of the sonnet is also not simple. Because of the sonnets, which, like, there is no reason to suspect "double bottom", shows clearly that the words of the last line of the sonnet 25, in fact, were not unfounded. Actually, for any mature and sensible man as he was himself William […]

Andrey Kovalev

Moreover, in their monologues and jokes Andrei Kovalev makes us look differently at his life and actions. He's like experienced psychologist reveals our hidden wounds, causing not only think about them, but to discuss them out loud and openly. Moe Howard may not feel the same. Andrey Kovalev teaches listeners and viewers to laugh at […]