April Fools

April Fool's joke referred to the works of many Russian writers and poets of the late XVIII century. The tradition of celebrating April Fools' Day has come and to this day. April 1 was yet another excuse to raise mood themselves and others, to laugh at jokes, and, of course, to present and receive fun gifts and souvenirs. When choosing gifts to friends, acquaintances, colleagues or business partners can take into account their interests and hobbies, profession, lifestyle, little ways. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has to say. For example, one of the most interesting and useful gift can be a puzzle made of metal: it is compact, fits easily into a purse or pocket. This a small gift to help pass the time on public transport, queues, while waiting for business or personal meeting.

Scattered friends and colleagues, always losing pens, you can give a funny key chain, quickly and easily turning into a so-to-date writing materials. Always late for relevant staff will be gift-suggestion – a desk clock on flexible stems. They can be put or put on the table, the system unit or on a shelf above the desk. Such a souvenir not only cheer his owner, but also will make it clear that we have to carefully keep track of time. And where the clock is not relevant, may be useful to the radio – also, incidentally, with the legs. Board game lovers will appreciate small sets that combine checkers, chess, bingo, cards and many other attractions. They are so easy to take with you if you plan business trip or vacation trip, and time in the road fly by.