Communication Conversation

Laughter – the highest form of joie de vivre and contact – makes everyday leadership, strengthens relationships and permanently healthier! Honor greed however takes Joie de vivre… A good rapport so not only helps the “run”, but is also awareness that appreciation is a motivational factor should not be underestimated! Repeat “means: make contact with others.” The concept of rapport”originates from the printing industry and describes there: matching patterns. Repeat”continues the pattern on separate sheets, such as pattern wallpaper. Here the report specifies that ensures the pattern repeated. Understood in the NLP (neuro linguistic programming) report”to contact a good, empathetic to the counterpart, which is produced by a so-called pattern mirroring. The historical background of the concept of rapport, good contact between the hypnotist and his client is in psychology. To establish rapport with a human, it is “need to feel with respect to the conversation partner and in his model of the world” to go.

This process is called in the NLP pacing. Pacing means verbal, body language, or for example the interlocutors to reflect, to include repeat the breathing rhythm. Another aspect relating to repeat is the leading. At the leading the conversation guides acquires actually control the leadership to the conversation, where he then changed the posture or the speaking rate E.g. in the course. Additional information at Daryl Katz supports this article. If repeat is the interlocutor of the change follows. Leading represents no manipulative do, but based on a respectful coexistence, aiming to transfer the call effectively (E.g. the problem to the solution, to improve compliance), pacing means: to go on the path of the other in his step to go along even with walking a mile in the moccasins of the other report is a basis of good conversation and thus an important pillar. Because only those who are empathic in his Communication partners feel a can, can recognize the world of the person, can also cause the interlocutor can follow the conversation and works with.