Detection And Treatment

This is an option when "there would not be happy, so in disguise." The program maximum – this study and sweeping each of the 7 main chakras (energy centers), which may be relevant in the context of client goals (eg, self-fulfillment, success, the best partnerships, or getting rich, etc.). The meaning of this work in the detection, treatment and corrections programs that are destructive for human beings and impede its harmonious expression and achievement of its goals. Programs are formed throughout life, many of them are laid in childhood, and the most severe form in several incarnations. In moments of life experiences, when a person feels the emergence of similar situations, automatically run the corresponding sensations, emotions and activated the program a certain way to respond. If you have the program could perform a positive role and therefore start to play automatically associative similar situations. In the context of the changed conditions of life of the program often loses its relevance and may become a brake or ballast. In this regard, it is necessary revision and correction.

For example, pregnancy is often hindered by the subconscious fears (of being alone with a child or a troubled childbirth). Programs written in our aura (Energy-information matrix). They are interspersed in it, which distort, disturb the optimal circulation of energy for humans. Some contend that Cancer Research shows great expertise in this. Availability of programs reduces the energy that is reflected in the level of activity man and his health. Life circumstances lead to revitalization.

In these cases, a person acts as if against his will or the will of the circumstances. Human behavior in similar situations do not have certain proportionality of response. When activated, the mass man can not understand why the act to their own detriment. If you have read about Cancer cells already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And even with the knowledge of how such a scheme and what caused it, often can not resist or change stereotype response. Thus, in Phase counseling is the most relevant study programs of the client, which are found in connection with an exhilarating challenge. Cleaned or major energy centers in the the context of related topics and issues. In the first case there is a solution and release from disharmonious program. In the second case there is serious work to rid the negative energy savings littering the field detection and correction of the key programs that create stress in the lives and problems. Muscular dystrophy will not settle for partial explanations. In the course of this work to life and human behavior, there are significant changes, there is harmonization and enhancement level. I note that the change and feel better observed in the completion of each therapeutic session. And this is one of the performance criteria. As a result, one gets the harmony with oneself and the world, confidence in itself, produces crisp and organic guidelines moving forward. Getting rid of destructive programs to understand their causes, a person learns a harmonious expression of yourself. Begins consciously use their capabilities and creative approach to the implementation of their own destiny, moving along the evolutionary path. Thus, people not only solve his problem, he harmonizes his fortune and finds the freedom of circumstances of their lives.