Diagnosis and Medication

He happens that many times the auto person if diagnosiss and medicates, becoming the complicated situations more ahead. It is very important in these cases a good listening of the professional and the contribution and will of the patient. One forms to be if preventing it starts for the perception of the place where it works, it looks at the expectations better. For example, nurses who work in oncologia area must be more prepared for lutos and losses, policemen must know that its mission of the day is not of only one occurrence, but diverse and to support daily and possibly repetitive intercorrencias better, for it goes there. She knows well in what you work! Already the paper of the company is, a time that syndrome is caused exclusively on account of the type of work, the sector of human resources, through its interferences, together with commands immediate, to request psychic and physiological evaluations as soon as to perceive the fall of productivity of the worker. The treatment? Perceived and diagnosised it must immediately to appeal the treatments that go since psycotherapies, the psychiatric medicamentosas interventions and too much necessary demands. In any treatment, it always follows the orientation of its I medicate.

Skirt of the condition of patient for I do not medicate. It leaves that a team to multidiscipline to go giving the orientaes, they will only know accurately when you will be apt to the return of its activities in case that she needs a removal. Fallen again if they on account give many times of the abandonment of the treatment. In the psychic question, its psychologist possibly helps it to understand where you if frustrou, where she sees expectations in surplus and she helps you if to acquire knowledge better of its work. It understands that all the illnesses when treated the danger it is not that if it becomes chronicle, in the case of this Syndrome, you could be hindered to work or to keep adequately its functions, it are the suffering that is caused to it. By the way, in Brazil the research is few well, still. According to ISMA (international stress management association of Brazil) in one searches carried through in 2009, is esteem that 30% of the economically active population in Brazil already possess the syndrome. You in the hour to reevaluate values