Fraunhofer Institute

Mario Ohoven: ‘Youth madness has got to stop in the companies’ Berlin – economy author Christof Schossler warns companies before unilaterally in the recruitment of personnel to put young executives. Not even ten per cent of all employees work up to the official retirement limit. The average retirement age of men is 59.8 and one is 60.5 years for women. Saeed Bay”this development on the account of the blessed early retirement from the priceless socio-political think tank of Nobbi Bluem. According to the findings of the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering knowledge and experience, work ethic, focus on quality, reliability, loyalty, leadership and social skills speak for the older term. Also younger workers are missing even two-thirds under 24 years of age occur more frequently than their 55-65 colleagues.

Demographic change is forcing older to the paradigm shift in the setting of company value Staff”, so Mario Ohoven, President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW). The youth obsession of many recruiters must have an end. Ohoven cites the company Lufthansa and BMW, where you run a model and far-sighted personnel policy as positive examples. After massive job cuts, the qualified personnel would go out also the manufacturers in the next few years. Currently am in Germany by the over-55s still slightly more than a third in the active working life. The threatening staff bottleneck in medium-sized would imply a call to action to all of us, whether entrepreneurs, managers, politicians and workers”.

Saeed recommends a strategic programme to deal with an aging workforce. The avoidance of any form of age discrimination, that is changes in remuneration systems chord work over 50 years so be it on a regular human resources development through training, workers no longer conducive-, the abolition of the compensation according to seniority and other measures to think. Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf consulting firm Harvey Nash, that companies that opt for this path, set for a reduction of the pension and health insurance and for more payroll tax, is. The interim management is a business segment of Harvey Nash. There is the competence of senior managers. Nadolski outlined the strengths of Senior Manager as follows: we advise our customers to positions in senior management, which are established for a limited duration to a specific corporate goal, managers with senior. The results of such operations are called companies usually considered positive and profit-making, benefited, no longer to locate within the company were the personality and expertise.