Information And Communication Concepts Different

When at a certain moment of our lives we have to decide for an option, for example, an occupational training course or find work, this situation what we try is to gather the maximum information possible, i.e., of course inform us whether or not it is interesting and if I am going to allow then to get a job. With respect to job search, we try to inform us through newspapers and friends whether or not to offer of employment. Once you have all that information we will decide by one or another option, since we have reduced the initial uncertainty that we had. We can move previously exposed to the company, that have to make decisions and gather information sufficient for this purpose. For example, the company must decide if manufacture cars or computers, if selling their products in Andalusia or in whole Spain, etc.

Therefore, the information is necessary for decision making as well as communication between the members of the Organization and its environment. The company which makes take a certain information, i.e., capture it, process it, and issue it, thus produces other information of greater value for decision making. Therefore, the information in the company allows the development of its activity and facilitates their survival. We must not confuse information with communication, since communication allows us the ability to return or regular received message, while the information is just a directed flow of data that passes through the channel of communication. From a static point of view, information is a set of data produced, so that they have meaning for someone at any given time.

From a dynamic point of view, is data transmission through a channel of communication to a user. And a fact is the element of knowledge that has no meaning by itself if it is out of context, for example, tree. The flows of information are necessary for the company performs its activity, i.e. Heart Specialist contains valuable tech resources. so its members can see the data that allow them to make their decisions and communicate each other to develop their functions and enable the achievement of the objectives set. A flow of information, for example, would be the price level of a provider of computer support, which goes by the Trade Department and the administrative.