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Good Living

According to the dominant ideology, everyone wants to live better and enjoy a better quality of life. In a general way associated this quality of life to the gross domestic product (GDP) in each country. GDP represents all material wealth produced by a country. Then, according to this criterion, the best placed countries are United […]

Stress Management

There are sports that by being highly competitive, cause stress. Methods of relaxation: relax your body and mind is of utmost importance. Something that is highly recommended for relaxation is meditation, relaxing massages, exercises that focus on you for example yoga, pillars, etc. With a little practice and discipline well applied relaxation methods will achieve […]

Silhouette Poems Loving

POEMS FOR THE LOVING SILHOUETTE. Each smile of yours, let love flow. Roses that dance on your skin, say me that you are mine. Once more sigh for you, because you know that evenings bring your beautiful fragrance and there is no part of your lips have not kissed up to quench my thirst. The […]

Nature Lovers

Soroa is an ideal place for nature lovers, for those who prefer a relaxing holiday, away from the noises of the city; or for those who enjoy the walks in family environments as exuberant as those offered by the province of Pinar del Rio. French Jean-Pierre Soroa, owner of a coffee plantation, gave name to […]