Obstetricians Nursing

Thus, in 1925, the course of obstetricians of the College of Medicine of Rio De Janeiro was locked up. In 1927, the resume of the School of Obstetricians of So Paulo suffered alterations and it disciplines it General Nursing was enclosed in the program. In 1931, the school started to call School of Obstetricses and Specialized Nursing, the resume was directed to the education of the nursing and the course started to have the duration of three years; to its end, the pupils got, beyond the heading of Obstetrician, of Nurse Specialized (MERIGHI, 2000). In 1939, in So Paulo, the Course of attached Obsttrica Nursing was established to the Obsttrica Clinic of the So Paulo School of Medicine, having formed only one group. The legal requirement for admission of the candidates to the course it was limited primary education and age of short duration, with two years. The doctor Alvaro Guimares Son, responsible professor for the course, observed that this formation was precarious and considered the creation of the specialization in Obstetricses.

Thus, the pupils would have to initiate the course with formation in general nursing e, in last the three semesters, to attend a course the chairs specialized in Obstetricses. From 1949, the modifications, that already came occurring in the practical one, had finished being incorporated to the legislation. The nursing schools had passed, officially, to form obsttricas nurses. The carrier of nurse diploma could frequent the Course of Specialization in Obsttrica Nursing and, to the end of one year, receive the certificate from obsttrica nurse (GUIMARES SON, 1941). The two types of formation were offered, and the obstetricses and nursing courses functioned in independent way. With the increasing one hospitalization of the childbirth, the field of performance of the obstetricians started to be object of dispute between these, the nurses and the doctors, and a great controversy was generated between nurses and obstetricians.