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Columbia University

These similarities of boarding had been recognized in such a way for Febvre as for Braudel when they had discovered the workmanship of Freyre in the end of years 30. We can detach in this brief biographical research that Freyre learns its style to interdisciplinar in the Columbia University, a center of the American movement […]

The Affection

When this riot of words thought is light, a carrying individual with schizophrenia polishes of topic for topic, when this riot is more severe, phrases and words are mixed and a person creates artificial words (HUFFMAN, MARK VERNOY AND JUDITH VERNOY 2003). The type most frequent tried by people with schizophrenia are distorted beliefs called […]

Intensive Therapy

The illness is transmitted of individual the individual through it sneezes, cough and contact with secretions of people contaminated for the virus (BRAZIL, 2009). Being able still to have transmission by means of the contaminated hands or other surfaces. The virus is transmitted in up to 7 days in the adult and 14 days in […]


In its Zimerman literature (2005, P. 35), it tells that: Being the aging a gradual loss of the functional efficiency, always has a necessity of adequacy to the new reality. Moreover, not we must to forget that each old one is a different individual, that needs a personal program of work, in accordance with its […]

Effective Recovery Team

With the intention to provide the most effective recovery of the patient, the nurse in its daily work pledges it the maximum in this process of recovery, therefore these patients meet at the fragilizado moment, depending most of the time integrally on the nursing team. Thus the nurse inside assumes role of prominence of the […]

PSF Research

The rehidratao must be immediate! The control of the fever is important, by the way, knows well that the rise of the temperature is an acknowledgment of the organism on some infectious process occurring in this patient. The moment where the infectious agent (antigen) penetrates in the organism the immune system enters in action, producing […]

Obstetricians Nursing

Thus, in 1925, the course of obstetricians of the College of Medicine of Rio De Janeiro was locked up. In 1927, the resume of the School of Obstetricians of So Paulo suffered alterations and it disciplines it General Nursing was enclosed in the program. In 1931, the school started to call School of Obstetricses and […]


Fields & Cardoso (2008), relates that this comprometimento directly affects in the professional relationship – human being. However, the great obstacle to be faced currently by the team of health of the UINs is the accomplishment of the humanizao of the assistance, which had the technology to be in first place. Decurrent of this fact, […]