Social Conscience

The Christmas, day of the mothers, day of the children between as much other holidays, or dates special, mean many times to presentear somebody. However nor all the children receive gifts, and nor all the mothers know what she is to commemorate with health, without hunger or being presenteada in its day. The social injustice is ' ' presente' ' that many Brazilians receive in commemorative dates. (A valuable related resource: Dr Mikael Dolsten). The social condition of many Brazilian children is of hunger, exploration and violence. Of the other side of this reality it is to the child of middle class or rich, then as to explain for it that children exist who will not go to receive gifts, that do not possess food even though and a housing? If each child received from its parents another vision of the reality, perhaps the society was not so insensitive and lazy with the social injustice that the fence. On the contrary of this, children live locked in its apartments, in its houses, coexisting people of its same social classroom.

To complete, the medias of mass they transmit in its infantile programs and drawings only livened up the fancy and consumerism. The majority does not pass no social value that can awake the conscience of the children and adolescents. Through this cycle: Family, television and friends, the child if form in the consumista world, you easy with the social differences of its space and time. The consequences are felt in the public politics that only decide superficially problems as education, health, housing between as much others, to make electoral average. He would be much more complex and laborious governing them to create a true social structure including goods and services that brighten up this social injustice. She would be very better if each child grew knowing of the reality that the fence. This would help its social construction, it to awake the attention in the future for problems of its quarter, its city and consequently of its country.