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In its book ' ' Will of poder' ' , Nietszche describes the dionisaco and apollonian element as: ' ' The dionisaco natural power is that one that it impels for the unit, for what it is beyond the personality, of the daily one, of the society, of the reality; that she goes through the […]

Womens Psychology

About the peculiarities of women's psychology and logic, invented a lot of jokes and told the same number of incredible stories. But it is worth considering – what are these features, and where are their roots? Men are often accused representatives of the opposite sex in contradictions, imbalance and a tendency toward excessive emotionality. Women […]

Social Conscience

The Christmas, day of the mothers, day of the children between as much other holidays, or dates special, mean many times to presentear somebody. However nor all the children receive gifts, and nor all the mothers know what she is to commemorate with health, without hunger or being presenteada in its day. The social injustice […]

Dictionary Work

Arendt interprets of different form of what we have custom to see some terms that are part of its, let us say, reflective universe. Let us take as example the work and work, hodiernamente these terms are treated as if he was one only. It is enough to think, for example, in the fact of […]