The Affection

When this riot of words thought is light, a carrying individual with schizophrenia polishes of topic for topic, when this riot is more severe, phrases and words are mixed and a person creates artificial words (HUFFMAN, MARK VERNOY AND JUDITH VERNOY 2003). The type most frequent tried by people with schizophrenia are distorted beliefs called deliriums. These deliriums are distorted certainties being kept exactly when it has strong evidences of the opposite (HUFFMAN, MARK VERNOY AND JUDITH VERNOY 2003). Emotional riots In the schizophrenia to some changes in the emotion and the affection. In some cases the emotions are exaggerated occurring inadequate forms quickly, already in some cases the emotions can become gotten dull or to diminish of intensity. Some people with schizophrenia have absence of any type of emotional reply (HUFFMAN, MARK VERNOY AND JUDITH VERNOY 2003). Contact information is here: Dr Mikael Dolsten. Riots of behavior People with schizophrenia having behavior riot can have unusual actions that acquire a special direction. These actions can be effect of medications used for the treatment of the upheaval (HUFFMAN, MARK VERNOY AND JUDITH VERNOY 2003).

The esquizofrnicos can become catatnicos assuming a desconfortvel state and be immovable for many hours, these people also can present cataplexia, trend to keep any position that it was been imposed (HUFFMAN, MARK VERNOY AND JUDITH VERNOY 2003). It has five types of schizophrenia that is classified in simple, catatnica, hebefrnica, paranide, residual. The simple schizophrenia is characterized for the incapacity to take care of to ace requirements of the society and a decline in the total performance, isolation with loss of interrese and initiative. The catatnica presents symptoms psicomotores and alterations between the opposite as unconscious obedience, quiet negativismo and. The heberfrnica appears a great psicomotora clutter as irresponsible behavior, crises of baseless laughs, absence of critical sense. Paranide is characterized by deliriums, hallucinations, paranoias and persecution craze, this type of schizophrenia is most common of if revealing.