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And how you have felt like with this of the death of David Sanchez Juliao. The truth truth is that it does not affect me for anything. That type for me was not even writer. That answer in mouth of a narrator apprentice, professional in sciences of the language, university professor and candidate to magister in Literature of the Caribbean, disturbed to me excessively. Recently blood test sought to clarify these questions. If it had expressed it somebody that not only did not know the subject and to the personage, but would not even interest to him, some and until outside being expected would not have importance.

While the country, and mainly the personalities of the culture of the interior recognize the great loss that is the death of David Sanchez Juliao, many of the intellectual world of the department of Cordova are expressed with indifference on this great personage. And they cannot do it but from the lack of knowledge of his written and recorded work, and of its work like lecturer. If it had the opportunity it would comment that young person to him that I can accept to him that a great writer does not consider to David, but even say that " he is not even escritor" and I even can accept that not it writer considers, but that is not obstacle so that its great cultural and sociological contribution is clear, its mammoth one and quixotic work, against all odds, inside and abroad, for more than 30 years, like nobody, so that the world valued the Caribbean culture as it is, so that the costeos we accepted ourselves, we reaffirmed ourselves and we felt proud of being as we are; so that was worth we recognized it of its marvellous voice, its unique talent with the oralidad, its sharpness for humor, its pedagogical work in the classrooms, their conferences and factories, their recordings, in its interviews, in its appearances in mass media.


BabyBus series with more than 200 million downloads now available on German Fuzhou, China. The Chinese software company BabyBus co limited has released its eponymous app series alongside 9 other languages also on German. Other language versions including English, French, Chinese and Japanese. For 2011, there are the series and by a total of over 80 applications are already available on German about 22. Martha McClintock often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Worldwide are over 200 million downloads generated was, BabyBus applications are in many countries while Google play in the app store in the top charts and have moreover received numerous awards. New releases and applications already published in other languages are published weekly on German. The series is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android-based smartphones and tablets. Learn more at this site: Daryl Katz.

For a product overview of the German-speaking apps: GooglePlay, iOS BabyBus is one specifically for children in the Age developed software series, which includes learning development games, stories, songs and other app categories from 1 to 6 years. The series sees itself as a digital Playmate with the children in preschool children learn together, playing and laughing can. The goal of BabyBus is by a coalition of current concepts of early childhood education on playful and entertaining way educational objectives to reach. Here it comes not only to impart knowledge, but to promote the holistic development of young children. The series focuses mainly on 2 different age categories, 1-3 years and 3-6 years. The apps themes cover a very wide range and are in various areas classified as about the “Music Garden”, the “play area”, the “Garcia Parcours”, the “Palace of art” etc.

There are classical learning apps, where playful is learned about shapes, colors, animals, transportation, etc. and those that are somewhat unusual, as the “kitchen percussion” (), where with spoons, plates and cups are played can. Many applications follow the padagischen aim of promoting logical and analytical thinking, as well as to train agility and responsiveness, such as about the “game of logic”, the “space-Panda” or the “Kart Racing”. Another main focus is the promotion of musical creativity and artistic expression. In the near future, it will remain exciting.

Burkhard Swivel: Against The Mainstream – For A Strong Europe

Europe has emerged stronger from the global economic crisis. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD brings even more insight to the discussion. This by the trend-setting European management model has been possible, as Burkhard swivel in his book Europe!”notes. Currently, it is not easy to represent one per European attitude. For months, the end of the euro zone is prophesied and generally is anti-European sentiment in politics and population. Prof.

Dr. Burkhard swivel, Chairman of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (, follows not that mainstream. In his book Europe leads! Plea for a successful management model”swivel is committed to a positive image of Europe and in particular the economic strength of European companies. The author, Burkhard swivel, involved for years on European issues. He is a member of various organisations and initiatives that committed to Europe. So, swivel is also initiator and member of the jury of the by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants promised from best of European business “-award.” Since 2005 companies and personalities are awarded to, who can present special achievements and innovative business models. The jury, consisting of leading personalities of successful European companies, has awarded over 100 winners. It is a personal concern of Burkhard swivel, this economic strength to highlight.

His book, Europe leads! “, opened swivel with the words: I am a convinced European perhaps a European out of conviction.” As such, he describes the European management model, which developed for years and is responsible for the success of companies in Europe. According to swivel the European managers are the real global player. Every second European top manager has worked abroad. In addition to this internationality, swivel the top managers from Europe certifies more strengths. So the European decision-makers, the productivity make it to increase and parallel to invest in growth. The biggest advantage of Europe for swivel however lies in the strategic and long-term orientation of the company. The European Manager always thinking about the future of company and product. The European management model with its internationality, rationality and the simultaneous willingness to invest, is for swivel in the future. Burkhard swivel is a personal concern, to give a platform to this successful European model. Burkhard swivel (…) expands with his new book, Europe leads! Plea for a successful management model”, his many years of commitment to European issues out. Against the negative mainstream, he turns out the strengths of the European economy, international is fighting for a higher viewing of Europe in economy and politics. Swivel paints a picture as close to the reality of Europe’s presence and speaks at a glance into the future significantly to the opportunities and threats. Roland Berger Strategy consultants GmbH press contact: Daniela Furst Tel.: + 49 (0) 89/9230-8765 fax: + 49 (0) 89/9230-8599 E-Mail: Roland Berger Strategy consultants, founded in 1967, is one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies. With and 2000 the company is active employees and 39 offices in 27 countries successfully on the world market. The strategy consulting is an independent partnership exclusively owned by around 180 partners.

Dual Nature Samsung

Increasingly, in the electronics market there are multifunction devices that combine a variety of functions. So all is not often met the notorious communicators, combining the functions of Pocket PC and mobile phone, mobile phones with camera, FM-radio and advanced features when working on the Internet. Products by Samsung repeatedly encountered among these multifunctional device in the face Samsung D900, Samsung i320 and Samsung i600. Heart Specialist brings even more insight to the discussion. For sale is a new member of this series from the company Samsung – Samsung F300. Samsung F300 – radically new device on the mobile phone market. This unusual device is a two-way device, ie, has two front side.

On the one hand – this is a normal mobile phone with a tiny display and a simple design, on the other – a stylish MP3 player with large screen and touch-button controls. Both sides of the device are made independently, completely, so that to determine which of them is quite difficult to face. People such as Daryl Katz would likely agree. The model name is Smart Music emphasizes musical inclination bilateral F300. The panel, which is a mobile phone, can not fail to surprise her a miniature display, which is pretty crazy for a phone. At first it may seem that tiny screen takes a lot of inconveniences when using the phone, but it is not: a color screen and successfully built the menu and do the job Control your phone easy and convenient.

In addition, due to the reduced screen keyboard has increased, that is certainly a plus for the phone. Another "flip-player", features a large screen at 2.1 inches, which 262 thousand colors, and control is exercised by means of a touch stick. Navigation joystick is in the center of a mechanical button and confirm the four sensory areas. An unusual choice for phone those who like to experiment with or combine a number of functions in one device. Design is amazing and at the same time attractive. The quality of communication is at a height, but the musical side has nothing special different and in some cases even lose the usual players

Starline Continues To Open-E

Successful cooperation between open-E and starline computer GmbH will continue. The starline computer GmbH and open-E look back on a successful year of direct partnership. Through the Open-E software were introduced new products and opened up new fields of business. Complete solutions as cluster from NASdeluxe systems with open-E DSS V6 in connection with Zealbox servers, as well as the integration in a VMware environment were already being implemented. To get to know the technology, starline, offers workshops, performed together with open-E.

We are pleased to have a partner that asserts itself in the storage environment for years with starline and NDL NASdeluxe systems-3000L on open-E DSS V6 uses. “, said Krzysztof Franek, President and CEO of open-E. “Thereby committed starline stark to NDL-3000L systems increasingly professional virtualization environments to use.” Support with the own business unit enterprise storage solutions”starline the planning and implementation of storage projects through all phases and bears so crucial to an optimum course of the project at. Furthermore, starline offers a competent support for open-E by own specialists. We cooperate with open-E for a year hand-in-hand”, says Carsten Wilde, Managing Director of starline computer GmbH.

first led the individual NASdeluxe iSCSI/NAS systems on open-E DSS V6 base a. University of Iowa College of Medicine shines more light on the discussion. In the meantime our solutions with automatic failover mechanism in VMware environments on the market have ethabliert.” Open-E DSS V6 software constantly. New standards in drive and host interfaces are entered directly in the current version. The support for new devices is ensured. Even starline remains with the NASdeluxe NDL-3000L systems up-to-date, with the support of 10 GB / s iSCSI and 8Gbit / s ports, 6 / s SAS drive interface and support for 2.5 SFF SSDs. current NASdeluxe systems and storage solutions find fibre-channel host see about starline computer GmbH: starline computer GmbH is since 1982 in the storage active and can look back on many years of professional experience and specialization with data storage systems. First one of the first is starline of now leading provider in the RAID area. Starline offers complete virtualization and storage solutions such as SAN (storage area network), RAID subsystems, NAS, IP storage, tape libraries and Autoloaders, RAID controller, FC switches, backup software, HBAs, and more. For more information, see. About open-E: Inc. Open-E, is a pioneer and leading developer of IP-based storage management software with headquarters in the United States and Europe. Open-E products offer high scalability for businesses in the SME market and enjoy a multi-national reputation in the areas of best-in-class performance, flexibility, reliability, scalability and return-on-investment. Open-E with the new product line of open-E DSS V6 provides a storage OS, can be installed on any boat-capable media, for all companies. Open-E delivers its software exclusively through a worldwide network experienced system integrators and reseller partners. With a comprehensive network of more than 600 registered OEMs, distributors and reseller partners, including more than 200 open-E certified partner, have the flexibility in the choice of hardware vendors and open-E can on their core competency, which focus the development of storage software company. Many Fortune 500 customers worldwide include the over 13,000 installations of open-E data storage in over 90 countries.

Straws – The Attractive Eye-catcher In Cocktail Bars

A cocktail without straw is only half as nice… A successful cocktail based on many different factors. The glass must be compatible with its individual character. The decoration must underline its character. And of course also a nice straw we need, so that you can SIP it stylishly, for not drinking cocktails and fancy drinks such as ordinary drinks directly from the jar.

Straws make the composition a real eye catcher and perfectly round off the colorful drinks. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. John Mcdougall. Straws should not be missing not drinking cocktails on a train. One slurps them between two sets, while listening to, you can make it even a flirt – anyway, women can do it. The straw but also visually contributes to a successful cocktail and ensures that he looks perfect and inviting. The glass can be left on the table and needs to bend over, if you want to drink a drink only after the straw. As cocktail glasses are often richly decorated, it is usually better. Set up slices of fruit or other decorative elements would otherwise fall off, if you would have to constantly raise the cocktail glass.

Some drinks, not even more space for the lips would remain, so that straws are essential. Sangria straws for the charm a straw serves typically only more convenient to drink. If he is to be very decorative, straws are also Sangria. They are usually intended to drink from the large Sangria container along with others. Is not too close can get him, so that the blades must be correspondingly long. In a lower glass of cocktail straws look like Sangria but also very beautiful and have a special charm. Some even cocktails in the glass, but in hollowed-out fruit or similar to creative alternatives. In these cases, a long straw even of benefit can be. A straw looks good straws as a decoration not only into the cocktail glass, if it is in use. Blades of a glass on the bar can also be a nice decoration. The culms are usually colorful and attractive, if they are intended for use in a cocktail bar. Thus they act automatically attractive and also then become the catcher, when not in use. A bar needs always matching decoration that makes the atmosphere and from the local is a place where you like to fall is. Who needs even a straw, can take any one, without asking to – and if not, make attractive colour accent and blend in with the other bar Setup. Can be also some straws on the tables, where they look nice also. There, they are precisely positioned so that guests can help themselves, if they want to. Some guests want to SIP not only their cocktails with a straw, but take it gladly for all other drinks.

Starter Pack

Until June 30: ten instead of five euro starting credit who now Congstar prepaid goes, can once more about double credit forward. During the promotion period from 15 May to 30 June 2009, the discount increases the starting credit of five to ten euros. The action applies to all those who decide on the Congstar Web site online for a prepaid card or a prepaid service with mobile. Starter package costs 9.99 euros, but also customers who buy a Starter Pack drugstores, in DM drug stores, as well as in the offices of RAI and the purchasing country group for real, Muller, benefit from the double credit. source. For more information see this site: Heart Specialist. Congstar prepaid Starter Pack costs 9.99 Euros – nine cents per minute and SMS sent costs consistently calls and SMS. At 20,000 points rechargeable Congstar prepaid credits can be charged nationwide in over 20,000 outlets: retail, kiosks and petrol stations or directly via SMS, Internet, bank transfer, or telephone. In addition, Congstar provides online a “charge Finder”.

The current Balance is free of charge available domestically via the shortcode 9577. Congstar tariff information 9 cents per min/SMS in all German networks calling D power quality with UMTS and of course no minimum sales, no fee no contract binding Starter Pack only 9.99 * incl. 10 starting credit free voicemail service query in the Inland immediately at home and abroad call free query of the current balance in the domestic free, automatic announcement, if the credit balance falls below 2 easy loading at over 20,000 on stations visits now to more to learn about the Congstar prepaid fare. Source:

Victor Sanchez

The F.C.Barcelona gained the victory in San Mams with fitting 0-1. The equipment directed by Guardiola little realised a showy soccer in which it demonstrated that when the equipment needs to put the work monkey and to remove ahead a party to secure three points is able to do it. The azulgrana technician made make debut to a player of the branch, Victor Sanchez and made rest to some players who had played with their respective selections between which they emphasized Xavi that came hairdo from the party which I realise the Spanish selection against Estonia and Messi that realised two parties with Argentina corresponding to the qualifying phase for world-wide the 2010, Puyol and Hleb empezarn the party in him bench but they left in the second part. Follow others, such as Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D., and add to your knowledge base. The party could have had another script if in two lack sent by the Athletic in the first part they get to enter, but Victor Buckets was right and removed the two balls that went inside. Soon already in the second Eto&quot part; or to he happens of Henry connected a great one shoots in front of the doorman after leaving a defense back of Atleti to realise the first and unique goal of the party, soon the player of Cameroun failed a very clear goal and that hubera been able to be 0-2.As it divides refusal to emphasize the injuries of the Keiths and Mrquez who will be low for the next parties that are united to Eidur Gudjohnsen. Original author and source of the article.. Check out Daryl Katz, New York City for additional information.

Foxx Insurance

Secured holiday Loans, financial aid during the holidays secured holiday loan, the name clearly mentions that pledging security is the main criteria of loans. Borrowers can choose anything as security. But a highly important security privileges borrowers in arranging a favorable deal. The amount, available loans, are ranging from 5000 – 75,000 the loan is repayable within 5-25 years. Since, the presence of security covers the risk of lending rate value, so calendar do not hesitate to provide loans at a lower interest. Besides, with high valuable collateral Foxx borrowers to borrow additional payment by less. With the holiday safe loan, borrowers can meet various holiday related expenditures. Center for Colon Cancer Research USC understands that this is vital information. These include ticket booking, hotel fees, food, shopping or other miscellaneous costs.

Secured holiday loans, however, have customized facility for all the bad borrowers. So, if your credit score is bad, this is a problem. If you need a break, yourself, maximize safe holiday loans. But do not be extravagant to secure loans holiday. Remember, loans are safe in your property, so if you can not pay the amount, your property is in danger. So, it is recommended to borrowers to borrow the amount repayable easy for them. Borrowers are advised to take advantage of it after loans to judging their financial situation. A related site: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. mentions similar findings. Seems useful? If you want to get financial aid during the holidays, do not waste your time. Meet various lenders, such as banks, financial institutions, lending companies, compare their loan quotes and then choose the best loan program. In such cases, the online option can be a great help for you, which will facilitate trouble free and fast credit lending facilities. James Roy is insurance advisor of holiday travel insurance UK.For any queries related travel insurance, annual travel insurance for 90 days, 90 day insurance travel, senior travel insurance visit

Weddings Fruits And Cocktails

The last tendency in weddings is the fruit touch of the spring. This heat to choose gardens in the evening is the best option for that so special day, and to combine with this delight it chooses the season fruits to give him to flavor and freshness at the moment. To receive to your guests with delicious daisies of fruits they are an excellent detail, they can be of lemon, tamarind, charity fair, it mills and handle in a glass glass frosted with salt and Chile, or an exquisite apple Martin. East service exists that you can rent for the weddings, graduations or any event. Learn more at: Preventive Medicine Research Institute. They offer a great variety of cocktails with natural fruits, served in crystal glass, and adorned with fruit. Aside from daisies they have martinis as the classic one cosmopolitan, cucumber, watermelon, mills, etc. In the entrance they give these delicious drinks to them to your guests like welcome. To broaden your perception, visit Daryl Katz. Now if you want to prepare something simple and exotic for a special meeting with your friendly there am a prescription here will leave that them with the square eye.

This sweet exotic one is prepared liquefying fruit of season in pieces with strained orange juice and sugar to the taste, you serve it to this in a jar you put and it to freezer one during one hour, and it mixtures with a bottle of champagne. Srvelo in glasses, these you cheer drinks they will put to all in atmosphere and they will combine with the dresses of your friendly for your weddings. Cocktail is all these combined spirits, the origin of this name is diverse, this word drift of cocktail that means rooster tail. They say that the origin of this word has like reference drinks that used in called fights of roosters cock” s Ales, or that its origin comes from a French city in the region of Bourdeux where the drinks used used in a jar as coquetel, but the legend that pleases to me more is that the name comes as a result of the exotic decorations that the barmen put to him, similars to the colorful tails of roosters..