Platinum Sensor

For such scenarios is the HCT01 are ideal. + Elektronik manufactures smallest possible sensors using state of the art thin film technology, produced under clean room conditions. So even with the latest moisture sensor HCT01. Credit: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.-2011. Whose error of measurement for moisture is only 2% at a relative humidity of 30 to 70 percent. The temperature sensor is available in two versions, and provides most accurate readings as Platinum or molybdenum finish with up to 3000 ohm. With a working range from – 40 to 140 Celsius is tailored to the HCT01 specifically an industrial application. The DFN housing of the sensor can be solder itself with the standard reflow processes.

A protective film protects from external influences such as dust or salt the active sensor surface. Accurate data of the HCT01 offered the developers of + electronics in the humidity sensor data sheet on its Internet site. There a Preadjusted humidity sensor application can be found also note. It shows users how they the most effective and cost-effective way embed the sensor in their application. & d electronics + Electronics develops and manufactures sensors and transducers for the measurement of relative humidity, CO2 and air speed and flow, dew point and temperature.

The Austrian company headquartered in Engerwitzdorf bei Linz is a subsidiary of Dr. Johannes HEIDENHAIN GmbH. It was founded in 1979 and has more than 200 employees. + Elektronik maintains technical offices in Germany, France, Italy, China, and Korea. + sensors are manufactured in thin-film technology and are used, such as about automotive industry, HVAC, measuring and control technology, white goods, agriculture, process and environmental engineering and industrial process automation in many industries. Press contacts: + Elektronik Ges.m.b.

Stress Testing

The complex Eddy current signal contains various information about the test good, which can separate themselves with simple or complex algorithms. Through the wide frequency range of Eddy current electronics, 10 kHz to 100 MHz, different penetration depth and sensitivity can be used depending on the testing task. The Eddy current technique reached up to 50,000 samples per second and is therefore very efficient, because test times and costs are kept low. The technology is also very automated and works on both destructive and non-contact. The basic product of the EddyCus product line is the “multi parameters Eddy current scanners” short MPECS, was developed at the Fraunhofer IZFP to create high-resolution images of the conductivity. Whenever Professor Roy Taylor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. For the inspection of carbon fiber fabrics and an optimized system with specially adapted sensors, software modules and test recipes be used composite materials. Donald Sussman pursues this goal as well. The eddy currents induced in the individual glass fibres in non-detected with high spatial resolution. Each measurement involves 4 frequencies each frequency provides various information about the individual fibre layers. The conductivity images show then the individual fibers, where the different layers can be separately considered. The system is suitable for the detection of streets, fraying, postponements and angular deviations, whose Detektion is essential, for example for the aerospace and automotive industries. In addition to the examination of fibre and composite materials, TCO layers testing and quality control of functional thin films in the PV industry are the main fields of application of SURAGUS technology. Industries, that the services of SURAGUS primary targets, namely lightweight and photovoltaics, is that in the coming years to industries of the future, continuously are gaining importance. Therefore all the conditions for a rapid and successful long-term establishment of SURAGUS are given on the market. About SURAGUS GmbH SURAGUS GmbH develops, manufactures and sells Eddy current testing technology for innovative testing tasks. The young company uses new technological opportunities through advances in signal processing, through the availability of more powerful computing technologies as well as new production and miniaturization methods. Fields of application are, for example, the inspection of structured and unstructured functional layers, fiber and composite materials as well as traditional materials.

Good Living

According to the dominant ideology, everyone wants to live better and enjoy a better quality of life. In a general way associated this quality of life to the gross domestic product (GDP) in each country. GDP represents all material wealth produced by a country. Then, according to this criterion, the best placed countries are United States, followed by Japan, Germany, Sweden and others. GDP is a measurement invented by capitalism to stimulate increased production of material goods of consumption. In recent years, in view of the growth of poverty and urbanization favelizada in the world and up to a sense of decency, the UN introduced the index of human development (IDH). It includes intangible values such as health, education, social equality, careful nature, gender equity and others.

It has enriched the meaning of quality of life, which was understood in very materialistic way: enjoys a good quality of life who consumes more and better. Ahead of all the countries is Bhutan, boxed between China and India, at the foot of the Himalayas, very poor materially, but that officially established the internal gross happiness index. This is not measured by quantitative, but qualitative, criteria such as good governance authorities, equitable distribution of surplus agriculture of subsistence, plant extraction and sale of energy to India, good health and education and, especially, good level of cooperation of all to guarantee social peace. Abya Yala indigenous traditions, name for the continent hectors, instead of better living speaks of good living. This category entered the constitutions of Bolivia and Ecuador as the social objective to be pursued by the State and by society as a whole. Donald Sussman shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Live better implies an ethics of unlimited progress and urges us to one competition with each other to create more and more conditions for better living.

However, so that some can live better, millions of people have had that Live evil. It is the capitalist contradiction. On the contrary, good living pointing to an ethic of long enough for the whole community and not only for the individual. The good live supposes a vision holistic and inclusive of the human being, immersed in the great earthly community, which includes not only humans, but also to the air, water, soil, mountains, trees and animals; It is profound communion with the Pachamama (Earth), with the energies of the universe, and God. The central concern is not to accumulate. In addition, mother Earth gives us everything we need. With our work we supply what her for excessive aggressions can not give us, or help you to produce sufficient and decent for everyone, also for animals and plants. The good living is to be in permanent harmony with all, celebrating the sacred rites that continually renew the cosmic connection and with God. The good live us convida to not consume more than what the ecosystem can support, to prevent the production of waste that we can not absorb safely and incites us to reuse and recycle everything that we have used. It will be a recyclable and frugal consumption. Then there will be no shortage. In this time of search for new paths for humanity the idea of good living has a lot to teach us.

Andres Morales Milohnic

Andres MORALES, from the waist Chilean holistic Lic. MIGUEL FAJARDO KOREA national prize of Mauro Fernandez, COSTA RICA, education 2008 Chilean poetry I’ve always been interested, for that reason, over the years, I have had the happy opportunity to read dozens of perpetrators and establish cultural contact with writers of that nationality, namely: Alberto Baeza Flores, – my urgent search, in 1981 book prologue -as well as Jaime Quezada-with who shared in Bogota-, Javier Sepulveda, Teresa Ruz Hugo Montes, Jaime Serey, Matias Rafide, Alfonso Larrahona, Miriam Bustos Arratia, Juan Duran Lucio, Enrique Margery Pena, or Ana Montrosis. Poetry is the soul of the world salvation to human beings. An exercise integrated to win the universe in each poem thrown into the universe of the spirit. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cardiologist and gain more knowledge.. In that sense, every poet who we are reading must leave a footprint, a thrill. In that context, we meet the high poetry of Andres Morales Milohnic (Santiago de Chile, 1962) has been a valuable and rewarding enjoyment. Andres Morales holds a degree in literature.

Doctor of philosophy and letters. Learn more on the subject from Donald Sussman. He directs the Codices literary workshop at the University of Chile. He has published seventeen books of poetry from 1982 to date, namely: by strange Andros, Soliloquy of fire, Lazaro always cries, not random, saying exercise, verb, Vice beauty, Vision of the Oracle, breaking eyes, the art of war, scenes from the collapse of West, Requiem, personal anthology, collected poetry, dead memory, demon of nothingness, the edges of the Sybil. Likewise, as cultural diffuser and rigorous academic, has published ten books, both florilegios of literary criticism: poetic anthology of Vicente Huidobro, an angle of the world. Sample of current Latin American poetry. Contemporary Croatian poetry, gathered Anguitologia, Spain: poetic anthology of the Spanish civil war, Altazor in manuscript anthology of poetry and prose of Miguel Arteche, Word and work, essays, fertile province, sample of contemporary Chilean poetry, in the shadow of the poem, essays.


But this calls for criteria on the meaning of freedom and contemporary society can not give them because you don’t want to have an answer on the meaning of human life. In somehow, thinks that, if someone supports an answer to that question, is would limit their freedom; but the reality is that what happens is that elude this vital issue is entering in a vicious circle that leads, as determined the existential emptiness and being to nothing ultimately consider what exposes us Center holistic Helios, which must find meaning to life, is of vital importance, in any other way. We might be easy prey to the false senses. Not occupy us in finding the meaning of our own life, we could feel a void inside us. In this case exist, but we wouldn’t know why or for what. And this is something that we have to solve on our own, because nobody can tell us which is the purpose of our human existence, much less how to make the most of our potential. At Newcastle University you will find additional information. For that we need first to know us. Keep in mind, that a vacuum is always filled, the universe does not allow gaps, and very deeply us nor We believe in them.

In the absence of a true meaning and purpose in life, we will find some else with that fill that assumption vacuum, and in doing so we will be giving it back (although only momentarily) to our inner impulse that motivates us to look within ourselves for answers. On the contrary, we chose a false sense and expand up to believe that we fill our lives. In this way we choose to believe that we don’t need to deal with find meaning to our existence. That makes us feel more comfortable, at least for a time we are told, is to find specific answers to the questions what is life?, and what I came to do here?. It is of particular answers because we need answers that serve us to us. I.e., each human being touches you find their own answers, to each of which touches you discover their own truth. What is useful for one may not make sense for another, and what is significant for the latter may lack of value for the first. Perhaps to ask these questions for the first time might seem to us as something outside our scope, and reserved exclusively for the great philosophers. But, the greatest philosophers understood that this is a single task, which is demonstrated in the ancient phrase know thyself; with which far from pretend to have the answers for all mankind, they motivated each individual to find his truth.

Trying To Get Pregnant

If you are trying to find the way of how to conceive after several attempts bankrupts, can be very painful not to know how to handle it. But never it is too much behind schedule! If you do undergone involuntary chronic abortions, trying to train a family at the end of your 30 or 40, or dealt with the procedures about test-tube fertilization and the intrauterine insemination with little about luck, the following 4 advice will help you to recover the hope to conceive a son: Advice 1: You do not think that no longer you can conceive If you do tried with several methods and the pills do not work, does not mean that nothing else it is going to work. You must think about positive, aid much. See more detailed opinions by reading what Newcastle University offers on the topic.. It imagines to take to your son in your arms, to give to eat, to change his diapers him, and the best thing of everything, the baby calls mother for the first time to you! Definitively it is the dream of each mother. You can be pregnant less than in 90 days. Advice 2: You do not guide yourself by a Dimensional Treatment Is possible that you have tried a dimensional treatment like the sexual shift of position, to change your diet, or to even take pills of hormones and failed salary because you felt that you were not going to be pregnant. The Infertility definitively can be reverted if it is known how.

There are several natural and holistic methods with which you can be pregnant within 2 months. I know that the natural methods, work more express than you create possible. If you want to know like being pregnant in only 2 months, Gives Click Here! Advice 3: You do not think that you cannot be pregnant at the age of 35 or 45 Hay a serious erroneous concept between the women who if they are at the end of the 30 or 40 years, cannot be pregnant. You can still be pregnant if you are at the end of the 30 or even 40 years. He can give to light a healthy baby. Advice 4: Not you payable DES by, still you can be pregnant within 2 months I know that it is difficult to continue dealing with methods that do not work. What another thing could be more painful than to try to be mother and no matter how hard you try, to fail. If your doctor has said to you that you will never be able to conceive, you are not discouraged because I know that still you can give to light a healthy boy. That has happened to him to thousands of women, but they have overcome its problem of infertility easy and quickly with the best method to conceive of all! If you want to know more, reads the text of down. You want to know how as to be pregnant in only 2 months of safe, easy and natural form? It does not matter that you have infertility problems or that you happen of the 40 years! You can embarazarte!

Internet Education

The experience that I’ve had to make the masters in holistic education with ramon Gallegos Nava is the to better understand what is happening with my person and their relationship with the whole world. I have managed to inform myself and strive day after day to be better, by being more aware of my acts, more fair and tolerant of my fellow. Make this Masters was like being reborn. More info: Preventive Medicine Research Institute. I want to emphasize that I felt a woman full, satisfied and happy with this master. The master allowed me to recognize the essence of my being, the position where I am currently in the world: I am a spirit that is living a human experience. Now my goal or my life mission is to transcend and be happy, leave mark. All meetings which I attended seemed very interesting to me and I’ll always have present to them, but the best and memorable was the Congress International of education holistic where exhibitors from around the world participated. Thanks to their papers motivates me to continue studying with great interest all the anthologies of the Master’s degree, as well as if possible, continue studying the doctorate, because I gave has the holistic education is that education will be based in the future and that requires committed people that serve as promoters. For more information see Donald Sussman.

I wish to open eyes to other people so that they leave the darkness and find the light, as they did with me to study masters. Congresses allowed that attended in the two years of the master’s degree learn many important personalities that have the same ideal be educators Holistas. The session in which I participated, as valuable interventions of my fellow students and teachers in classes via the Internet and at conferences as exhibitors, helped me to understand different points of view, all of equal importance. I learned a lot from them, especially that no one is perfect and that we are all one and one we all are.

Emotional Man

Cantoterapia Cantoterapia works the sung voice, with vocal exercises searching in the art to sing balance between mind and body. Although very old, we can say that the phrase ' ' Who sings its males espanta' ' it never fell so well, in if treating to complementary therapy. Of all the arts, music, when express I sing through it, are the one that more better human being acts in the interior of the emotion and if she communicates with the right hemisphere of our brain, that is the responsible one for the emotion, the dreams, new ideas, creations and responsible direct for our state of joy or sadness. Who does not use its right hemisphere of the brain does not liberate endorfinas and it is not happy. Check with The Greater New York Construction User Council to learn more. During great part of our lives we search to only cultivate the aptitudes of the left hemisphere that is verbal, rational, prompt and with this, to another half of our brain, right hemisphere, it is not developed or it is developed very little in our life.

It is a transpessoal, intuitiva, subjective modality, holistic, intent to the relations between the parts as a whole, and independent of the time, its force and versatility if the all moment makes gift developing emotional balance, intellect and charisma staff. The Man if fascinates for the sounds of the nature and heard being and to hear the proper voice is a way of if to more still place of pleasant form in the world and when we sing we use the emotion and the aptitudes of the right hemisphere of our brain and with the new activity I sing of it we create new ideas, and a new state of joy in we ourselves when syntonizing of so harmonious and pleasant form with the Universe that we live. The voice discloses the identity, the character, the truth of an individual. Martha McClintock has much experience in this field. She is on directly to the emotional one, its history. It is common to find people with nervous aphonies, on average loss or total of the voice the emotional problems, depressions, losses, solitude, etc the voice portraies the emotional one and when the person is in disequilibrium, its voice will show this. I sing through it, relaxation and breath it is possible to recoup the voice and the individual as a whole. It is possible also to reach a bigger tranquillity, self-control, better health state, from the moment I sing where it if it becomes constant in ours day-by-day. Voice and I sing, integrate in them in this universe of sound, light and energy of which we are part.

Holistic Education

Many times, the technology in place to help improve education has a negative effect on children and adolescents. Living in this modern society and perverse as Retamal says it takes us away of reality and what the teacher recommends Orlando is re-integrate the living world of nature and use of alternative therapies. These therapies help us relieve stress and to live according to the self-respect and respect for nature, we can be our own therapist had an experience with spirituality and through the practice of wisdom. Filed under: Dean Ornish M.D. Dialogue with Isabella Colalillo Kates (PhD in education. Additional information at Donald Sussman supports this article. Professor at the School of Continuing Education at the University of Toronto, Canada) is related to the theme “A New World.”

Dr. Gallegos Holistic Education defines as “a process of evolution of consciousness”, so Dr. Isabella defines that we are still under the hierarchical control of a mechanical process and it is necessary to change the paradigms and systems to a new vision, where people learn in an integrated and where the key is to turn inward to their own inner needs of the heart, mind upper and spirit, only then can participate in the conscious evolution of a new society. Dr. Gallegos tells of a vision of spiritual transformation that contributes to the evolution of Kosmos and that spirituality is creative, and Isabella mentions that there are more people working for themselves, although in Canada there is still a holistic vision rooted , governments want control of education and do not let students and teachers think freely.

The True

All of these different experiences that have I lived in these past two years and more profound way, the last months, very beautiful spiritual experiences, an internal joy that fills me with peace of mind, and I do see the world differently, this State have experienced you during many moments, sometimes has remained in my during several days. In short I can say each of the sessions to witness them have left me a lot of knowledge and spiritual wealth, the issues addressed, the readings analyzed the wonderful contributions of Dr. Ramon, fed my spirit. Something fascinating was happening me that even if it was tired and exhausted from the different commitments and activities, attend sessions witness them filled me with energy and they motivated me to continue working with enthusiasm and dedication, they were always wonderful our meetings because seize every moment inside and outside classes to deepen on the different topics addressed. Without hesitation Heart Specialist explained all about the problem. But would not want to overlook the Seminary of spiritual intelligence, which I leave you a wonderful experience in my life, to enjoy a wonderful deep spirituality, that only remember that feeling, allows me to live this meaningful sensation again. The be able to feel the true universal love, and see the world from this perspective, I have not lived more wonderful this feeling. Seemed like one of the most wonderful vacation in more beyond, all part of the universe, and from there contemplate life. This really is true happiness. For more information see this site: Donald Sussman. Professional all these experiences have had impact on my professional work, by my companions with distrust and discomfort, but with students has been formidable, share with them many of these teachings, new concepts, conferences and courses, what has drawn them much attention. The great majority of the students has aroused them interest in learning more about education holistic, and I share everything that I possible, but at the same time this generates me a commitment to very large in my profession because already not be worth talking tuna, but that everything I say I have to prove it with facts, situation that I think has not consisted me much workbecause I have always felt that the holistic education is part of my human nature.