The Psychic

Actually, it is a psychological matter, because she was mentally adapted to the psychic inadequacy, transformed and created in mental, physical and evolutionary matter by itself Psychic inadequacy. Our body and our psyche, as well as that of any living being is a maladaptive that continuously tries to adapt to everything, hence we transform psychic and physically over the years and of inheritance, that is called evolution. 14. WHAT A PSYCHIC INADEQUACY, WHICH IS EVOLUTIONARILY SPEAKING? It is that possess all living beings, but only the human being is which possesses the psychic inadequacy with a tendency to not psychic accommodation to a proper way of living. Thanks to that no accommodation psychic, the human psychic inadequacy will evolve indefinitely. It is that compels us mentally, on an ongoing basis, to seek new adaptations.

It is that induces us mentally, frequently, to learn and memorize new experiences, new knowledge. It is that memoristicamente requires us to acquire new experiences in the form of information. It is that imposes on us subconsciously, permanently, to evolve psychologically. The psychic inadequacy by enabling us mentally accumulate ever more information, allows us develop or evolve the psyche, which will consolidate this evolution through inheritance. The human mind always suffered a not well-to-do evolutionary psychic inadequacy which led us to evolve mentally permanently; that led us to constantly search for new adaptations, new experiences, new habits, new knowledge, new learning, new experiences. The psychic inadequacy gave us the only possible way to evolve mentally, and to be able to think, memorize and possess intelligence. 15. The language since human beings began to evolve mentally, its psychic evolution always led him to find new psychic options that serve him to be able to evolve mentally adequately.

Therefore undertook mental physical and evolutionarily their aquatic environment, slow flight when He lived there before seem like a human; that means offered him less likely to learn a proper language to be able to evolve mentally better. Thanks to the psychic inadequacy, gradually through inheritance, humans was adapt evolutionarily to an increasingly more human way of being. It was adopting new physical and psychic options, adapting psychologically physical options to psychic options and vice versa. Thus, that evolutionary way to evolve, slowly but effectively, through inheritance, he was born