Nature Lovers

Soroa is an ideal place for nature lovers, for those who prefer a relaxing holiday, away from the noises of the city; or for those who enjoy the walks in family environments as exuberant as those offered by the province of Pinar del Rio. French Jean-Pierre Soroa, owner of a coffee plantation, gave name to this Cuban town, and one of his descendants, Ignacio Soroa, designed the Park in the 1920s. The beauty of its vegetation, the stillness of your environment that invites relaxation and meditation, the unusual combination of orchid species from all parts of the world, and its refreshing waterfall of 22 metres high, made of Soroa a tourist destination that is gaining popularity among visitors to this province in Western Cuba. Also known as the rainbow of Cuba, Soroa is a village that lies just 70 kilometers from Havana. Presents a unique natural landscape, with a beautiful waterfall which constitutes an invitation to cool in any time of the year, and a large number of mountain elevations that allow tourists to get a surprising view of the place during your excursions. Camera is an indispensable for these tours complement because visitors can contemplate landscapes of extraordinary beauty, with a great diversity of birds and plants, many of them endemic to the area. Soroa is a natural refuge for many, by what I advise take a good book to enjoy your reading in the midst of this atmosphere of peace, or music to listen to, and yoga enthusiasts have a perfect environment for your exercise. However, sometimes the sound of the singing of birds can disturb a little sleep, especially in the early hours of the morning. It is a romantic place, where one can feel in full intimacy with nature, although it can be very wet and warm for some tourists. I also recommend bear repellent products for mosquitoes, which can become a incomodad during the fall of the day.