How, a treatment with Neurofeedback in different clinical pictures can eliminate the use of drugs. What is Neurofeedback? We owe the discovery of Neurofeedback (harmless) experiments with cats, which have been carried out more than 30 years ago at the University of California. Since there is a growing group of researchers, engineers, and health professionals, devices, therapies and Neurofeedback software developed. Most of about ten thousand therapists committed to Neurofeedback, practicing in the United States, but also in Europe, the number of those who have recognized an effective method for treating a wide of variety of health errors in Neurofeedback is growing. But what exactly is Neurofeedback for now? A measurement of the brain waves (EEG) of the patients the therapist based on a comprehensive EEG comparison database to determine what influence the brain exerts on physical well-being. And especially the patient may now with visual feedback Support through the Therpauten learn to control his own brain activity. An example from practice: A student has difficulties, to concentrate on the learning during class.

During the Neurofeedback therapy he must concentrate now on something, while his brain waves are measured. He receives immediate visual and audible feedback, as soon as his attention fades – up to 2000 times per session. As a result, he learns to train his brain to longer periods of attention. For what good is Neurofeedback? Neurofeedback can be used as a therapy for a wide range of health disorders. Significant improvements in the quality of life can be found often especially in the following errors: anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorder, autism, depression, epilepsy, migraine, sleep disorders. Both children and seniors Neurofeedback is successfully used, because it is a “soft” therapy, non-invasive and usually without the Use of drugs comes out. Actually a part of the previously used medicines can in the course of a Neurofeedback therapy often be reduced or even dropped off. More information: what is Neurofeedback? Copyrigh (c) Oliver Schneider, Web unique – Kikillus & Clemens GbR